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No, "viruela" is not Spanish for chickenpox. Viruela is smallpox, while varicela is chickenpox in Spanish.

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No. Viruela refers to the pathogen for smallpox. Varicelle is the scientific name for chickenpox.

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Q: Can you say viruela for chickenpox?
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How do you say chickenpox in Nepali?


How do you say chickenpox in French?

Chickenpox is la varicelle (fem.) in French.

Can you get shingles from lying in a bed after someone else who had shingles say in a hospital?

Shingles is caused by the chickenpox virus. You do not get shingles from someone with shingles; you get chickenpox from someone with shingles. Then when you get older, you will get shingles because you had chickenpox. Or, you might get older and never get chickenpox. In that case, you will thank your mother for having you vaccinated against chickenpox when you were a child.

Is chickenpox worse than urticaria?

Chickenpox is time limited, while urticaria can continue for years. But chickenpox can kill you and urticaria can't. Hard to say which is better or worse.

Why would a vaccine against polio not protect against chickenpox?

A vaccine for polio is specifically for polio and not for chickenpox. No more than trying to say that a hamburger is a salad.

What is chickenpox RNA?

There is no chickenpox RNA; chickenpox is a DNA virus.

Can you test positive if you had chickenpox vaccine but never had chickenpox?

A person with a history of chickenpox or history of chickenpox vaccine will typically have a positive antibody test for chickenpox.

Is chickenpox vaccine useful?

Chickenpox vaccine is useful. It reduces the risk of chickenpox, of complications, hospitalizations, and deaths from chickenpox, and of shingles.

Is chickenpox autoimmune?

Chickenpox is not an autoimmune disease. Chickenpox is a viral communicable disease.

Can you get chickenpox vaccine if you already had chickenpox?

Yes, you can give chickenpox vaccine in the same area as other vaccines.

Can anybody get ChickenPox?

Yes, anybody can get chickenpox.

What are the advantages of chickenpox?

Chickenpox is an illness. It has no advantages.