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Yes, one can see Mercury even without a telescope.

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Q: Can you see Mercury without a telescope?
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Can you see mercury at night without a telescope?


Can you see mercury without telescope?

There are certain times of the year, depending on where you live on the Earth that the planet Mercury is visible without the use of a telescope.

What is the furthest you can see without a telescope?

Saturn is the furthest planet you can see without a telescope. you can also see mercury Venus mars and Jupiter.

Which planets can youre without a telescope?

You can see six planets without a telescope. - Mercury - Venus - Earth - Mars - Jupiter - Saturn

Can mercury be seen by a telescope?

Mercury can be seen with or without a telescope, depending on the conditions.

Which planets can you see without telescope?

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn can be seen without a telescope. Uranus too is technically visible without a telescope but it is so dim that it was not discovered until after the telescope was invented.

Can you see planets other than Mars Venus and Jupiter from Earth?

Yes, you can also see Mercury and Saturn without a telescope. With a telescope, you can see all the planets.

Why is mercury usually hard to see without a telescope?

Because it is closer to the sun and it is the hottest planet

Can you see the phases of Mercury?

Mercury is very close to the Sun, and it's difficult to see the phases of Mercury without a good telescope. And the only phases that would be visible are the first and third quarters.

What are the similarities between Jupiter and mercury?

You can see both of them at night without a telescope.

Can Mercury be seen with or without a telescope?

Yes because Mercury is the closest planet to the sun

Can you see mercury with a telescope?

well yes because you can see it from a tv

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