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Not without a flashlight, the screen of the Nook was designed to be read in direct sunlight and does not use a backlight. Look at a newer phone, it lights up in the dark but direct sunlight makes it hard to read. This is the best way to describe the difference.

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Q: Can you see the screen of a nook e-book reader in the dark?
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What is a nook ebook?

Amazon uses a Kindle ebook reader, while Barnes & Noble uses a Nook ebook reader. Therefore, a nook ebook has to be read on a nook ereader. Both Kindle and Nook are trade-marks used by Amazon and Barnes & Noble, respectively.

What is the best selling ebook reader? Barnes and Noble's Nook is the best selling ebook reader currently on the market.

Where can you buy a nook?

Barnes and Noble are selling the new eBook Reader The Nook now.

Where can I get the best nook reader?

The best Nook reader can probably be purchased at Barnes & Noble. This is their signature e-reader. There are at least three types of Nook readers: The Nook Simple Touch Reader, Nook 3G 1st Edition, and the Nook Color Wifi eBook EReader.

You want to buy a nook a book reader?

I got mine at B&N - Barnes and Noble and they are selling the new eBook Reader The Nook now..

What ebook reader is the best in the market at the moment?

Finding the best ebook reader for you depends on your wants and needs for the device. CNET has a useful webpage dedicated to helping you find the appropriate ebook reader for yourself:;contentBody Right now, CNET's overall ratings of ebook readers put the Nook Touch Reader at #1 and the Nook Color at #2.

Replacing the Nook eBook Reader's Battery?

If you own a Nook eBook Reader and your Nook eBook Reader's battery has died, you are probably wondering what your options are. Thankfully, you can replace the battery on your own. First, you will need to purchase a new battery. The batteries run from about $20 to $40, depending on where you purchase the battery from. Then all you have to do is use a Phillips screwdriver and your fingers to replace the battery.

What is the best rated eBook reader?

According to the top seller is the Kindle 3g eBook reader. It is available through Amazon for $139.00. The next most popular one is the Nook by Barnes and Noble for $249.00.

What are good eBook readers?

An eBook reader is a device used to read eBooks. The best ones are the Kindle from Amazon and the Nook from Barnes N Noble. Some people like the Apple iPad but it's not actually an eBook reader.

Which ebook reader is better...the Kindle or the Nook?

The kindle is available at and is very convient and comes in different sizes. Kindle is 4gb and Nook is 2gb. The Nook is available from Barnes and Nobles and much more expensive.

What are the best E-book readers currently?

Nook is the best eBook reader available in the market and if you want to compare the features with other reader then you can go to best buy website as the website has option to compare features of multiple eBook readers.

What are the top rated ebook readers?

Some top ebook readers would be the Apple Ipad 1 and 2. One other long standing ebook reader would be the Amazon Kindle as well as the Nook for reals dang it.

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