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Probably not. It depends on how much it really is falling apart. If you try, you will get very little money for it

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βˆ™ 2006-08-25 16:31:22
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Why did the akkadians fall apart?

Because they all died in a terrible car crash

Why is rust dangerous on cars?

rust can dissolve the metal on ur car then ur car can fall apart and it will wreck your paint

If you poop in your hand will it fall apart?

No your hand will fall apart.

Is the sky about to fall apart?

No, the sky will never fall apart.

What does the title things Fall Apart mean?

It means that Things Fall Apart. This implies first, that there are things, and then states that they fall apart. In terms of it's relation to the content of the book, it highlights many things, the reasons they fall apart, and how they fall apart, in many intricate details.

Why does car ginds and shakes when turning?

Check the CV joints. It sounds like they're about to fall apart.

What would happen if the sell didn't have any cytoplasm?

If cells did not have cytoplasm they would just fall apart :0 <3 :)

What is the genre of Things Fall Apart?

Things Fall Apart is historical fiction.

When was Fall Apart Art created?

Fall Apart Art was created in 2006.

When was Things Fall Apart created?

Things Fall Apart was created in 1958.

Why do hurricanes fall apart?

They fall apart because they are replaced by another eyewall.

Who is akuke in things fall apart?

There is no one with that name in Things Fall Apart.

Who is anteo and what happens to him from Things Fall Apart?

There is no such character in Things Fall Apart.

Why is the book things fall apart called things fall apart?

Things Fall Apart is called Things Fall Apart because that is exactly what happens. The Igbo's way of life, and the way Okonkwo's life was just fell apart mainly because of Colonization.

Where was Things Fall Apart published?

Things Fall Apart was originally published in London.

Idiomatic expressions in things fall apart?

Idiomatic expression in things fall apart

When was Things Fall Apart published?

Things Fall Apart was first published in 1958.

Is Things Fall Apart non-fiction?

No, Things Fall Apart is fiction.

Why is things fall apart literature?

Things Fall Apart is a book, which counts as literature.

Could Mount Rushmore fall apart?

It could, it depends on how strong Mount Rushmore is and what could make it fall apart. The most likely reason for it to fall apart is by earthquake, but I wouldn't count on it falling apart.

Who are the people in Things Fall Apart?

The people in Things Fall Apart are villagers of the Igbo tribe.

Who Wrote Things Fall Apart?

Chinua Achebe wrote the book Things Fall Apart.

What sports did things fall apart played?

Wrestling was the major sport in Things Fall Apart.

What is the climax of things fall apart?

The Climax of Things Fall Apart is when Okonkwo kills the messenger

What do yams symbolize in Things Fall Apart?

yams in things fall apart symbolises wealth