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Ownership of real property is transferred by deed. If you already signed a quit claim deed, you already transferred your interest in the property. It no longer belongs to you.


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I wish you hadn't already signed.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A quit claim, takes away your rights to the property, but, not your responsibility.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ONLY sign at closing when the property is SOLD!

In order to file a quick claim deed, a person must have a written form that is signed before a notary that outlines the assets and conditions of the deed. A quick claim deed must also have a grantor and a grantee.

Just sign the quit claim deed and have recorded downtown.

Fill out a Quit Claim Deed - have it notarized!!

If both names are on the deed, then both signatures are required. If the spouse has signed a quit claim deed to the home, then the other does not need consent.

It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name. It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name. It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name. It is a "quit claim deed" that you have to obtain and you have to refinance to drop the other name.

A quit claim deed is final as soon as it is signed by the grantor and handed over to the grantee. In order to preserve their interest in the property and notify the world that the property has a new owner the deed should be recorded in the land records immediately.

Try for deed preparation

A quit claim deed is a very simple form, you can probably get one online or at the courthouse or a title company. Anyone can file the deed, it is just a matter of taking it to the court house and paying the fees.

A quit claim deed must be recorded in the land records office in the jurisdiction where the land is located.

Do you have to have an attorney for a quit claim deed if you are just changing your name

You could file a quit claim deed. It will not remove your obligations under the mortgage and since the quit claim means they get the same rights you have, it doesn't to any good, except if there is any equity in the property after the sale, they will get it, not you.

The mortgage is still a lien against the property. A quit claim deed does not affect the liabilities and liens, which are still the responsibility of the deceased, and therefore, his estate.

You would have to refi to get your name off of the mortgage.

last I checked you can not void a quit claim, what are your reasons?

It is called a quit claim deed. Once you have filed the quit claim deed, you no longer have a legal right to whatever the deed refers to. The only way to get it back is to have the current person with possesory interest and ownership to sign a quit claim deed in your favor.

To 'Add' a name to a Quit Claim deed, all of the individuals on the current deed simply sign a new Quit Claim deed with the new name added to the list. NOTE: Asker provided additional details, see the Discussion page where I pasted them.

If it's a legal quit claim, and the owner signed it before their death, yes. I would look into Michigan's law to see if there is a time limit to file a new quit claim, but I doubt there is. A quit claim has to be notorized and witnessed, so it would be obvious if you where trying to fraud someone, or if the owner had actually signed it.

You don't change the name on the original deed. You now have a deed from the other grantee in your original deed. Therefore, you have acquired your title to the property in two deeds.

Yes, it is....providing the deed was legally notarized and witnessed by 2 separate entities.

A quitclaim deed transfers ownership of property as soon as it is signed and delivered to the new owner. The deed should be recorded in the land records immediately.

Yes, because after bk discharge you still own the house . The only way to get out from under the house is to get your name off the deed. Ether by forcloser, short sale, or normal sale. If you can find someone to quit claim deed to that will work also. Because after bk discharge you are not responsible for the mortgage, so if you can get off of the deed you are free.

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