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Can you send a reggaeton demo?

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How can you send jazze pha a demo tape?

how can i send jazzy pha a demo tape

How do you send a demo song to rocnation?

Click send

How do you send a demo to pharrell?

How do you send a demo to a record company?

On a USB

Send your demo to young money records?


Who is the founder of reggaeton music?

stores of rap,reggaeton

What is the definition od reggaeton?

Reggaeton is a form of music that began in Jamaica and was later coined the name "Reggaeton" in Puerto Rico. Reggaeton is a fusion of Latin rythm and hip-hop

What is the address to send demos to cash money records?

where do i send demo to for cash money records

Can I send in my granddaughter's original one song demo?

yes you can

Who do you send your demo tape to if you want to be a famous musician?

Who do you send your demo tape to if you wanna be a famous musician?"Send your demo to a record label that is looking to sign new artists. Whether you are a rock band, hip hop artist, singer, songwriter, voice over actor, producer, or musician, your demo submission may get you a record deal with Phantom City Studio's record label in Orlando, Florida.

How do you send a demo to Britney Spears?

just find her address at

How do you send an demo to shady records?

They don't accept unsolicited music

How do you get to become a singer with Motown records?

make a demo of you singing a song and send it in

What can you do to sign with Lil Wayne?

Send a hot demo u ever recorded

Which country did reggaeton originate?

Some people belive it started in Panama because it was there that Spanish reggae started but that wasn't Reggaeton. Reggaeton blends reggae and dancehall with Latin as well as hip hop beats. Reggaeton actually originated in Puerto Rico.

Where can you download mystery dungeon explorers of the sky demo?

you need to know someone who has the game and ask them to send you a demo. here are the demo dungeons and what level you are in that dungeon:little plains,trial forest, and hidden shopkeeper village

Where did reggaeton come from?

Reggaeton come from the island of Puerto Rico. Big Pun was the first Reggaeton/hip hip artes to bring the sound together in Bronx New York

Download counter strike demo?

Nowadays, the only way to play CS as a demo, is if a friend of yours bought the game, and send you a "game pass" to try it.

What are the instruments used in reggaeton?

timbals,timbars,palos,kicks, and snares are some instruments used in reggaeton

How can you get signed with a record label?

Send your in your demo and pray, or get a million Youtube visits on your video.

Were can i send my demo i know record companies but how do i get the address?

Go on Go on

What is the GOOD Music records mailing address for fans to send a demo?

Loser song

What is the Most popular reggaeton song?

"Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee is the Most popular reggaeton song world wide

How can you get signed to cash money record label?

Create a demo. A demo is a CD of yourself rapping. Then send it to Cash money Records. Then if they like your rhymes, then they will call you back or they will write you back.

The history of reggaeton?

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