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No. ALL drugs (prescription or nonprescription) are restricted items, and may not be mailed via USPS.

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In 1920 what became illegal to send by US Postal service?


How do you send snow to Hawaii from Pennsylvania?

Through the U.S. postal service!(:

How do you send a letter from Canada to the United States?

Through the Canadian postal service.

How can you send cellphone to Taiwan?

Send it via airmail - using an insured postal service. That way, you will be compensated if the phone is lost in transit.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using postal service?

An advantage of using the postal service is the ease in which a package can be picked up from you and sent on its way. A disadvantage might be the length of time to send something in the mail.

Can you send a firearm in through the us postal service?

If you follow all the federal laws, yes, it can be done.

Charged with Using the postal service to send drugs?

Oh man. Using the postal service to send drugs brings federal time, and they only charge you if they are sure they can convict. There are too many people messing up to waste their time trying a case they can't convict you on.

Can you send a pack of cigarettes throygh the post office?

Yes you can pretty much send anything legal through the postal service if you put it in a box

How much does postage cost from Antarctica?

Your answer depends on the service provider who supplies postal service to the location from which you want to send mail. Each research station employs a mail service provider who will dictate postal rates, that vary depending on the destination of the mail.

What year was the postal service invented in?

Postal services have been in existance for many centuries. The Romans would send messengers long distances. The Incas had a systerm of runners to deliver messeges.

What is the definition of telegraph?

A telegraph is a way of communication by letters or notes. This is where you can send physical messages to people via postal services. Commonly referred to as mail.

How much does it cost to send a certified letter through the US Postal Service?

Click on the link to your right for the official rates from the USPS.

What is the postage to send a letter from US to India?

See the web link from the postal service. rates vary by weight and country group

What you aren't allowed to send by FedEx?

Any potentially explosive materials are not allowed to be sent by FedEx or any other postal service.

Why would the postal service send back your letter?

If the address of the recipient is written incorrectly, they moved, or there is an incorrect postage amount on the package.

Does the US postal service x-ray mail?

Of course they do! They have to so that they dont send out illegal things or bad stufff!

How do you mail stuff to Antarctica?

Your answer depends on the 'stuff' and where in Antarctica you propose to send it. Every research station has mail service delivered by the government funding the station. That nation's postal service may define the 'stuff' limits that you can send to your correspondent on the continent.

How much does it cost to send a 5 pound package from the us to the UK by us postal service priority mail?

it cost me 40 bucks

What is the least expensive way to send a large package?

Shipping rates are generally cheaper at the US Postal Service than UPS or Fedex..

How do you send mail to the three American stations in Antarctica?

Depending on which station you want to send mail to, you can obtain the military postal service address from the recipient. Generally, service is provided by the Air/Army Post Office™ or the Fleet Post Office.

How long does it take to send a letter to Afghanistan?

The postal service in Afghanistan does not function at the moment and even if you send a letter or a parcel, chances are it will never reach its destination. However, there are agencies who conduct postal services to the main cities in Afghanistan but they are not your regular or governmetn postal service. They are all private postal services such as: FedEx and DHL. I believe it will cost $80 US Dollars just to send a one page letter through FedEx and the same I believe goes for DHL or might a more expensive. If you need to send something to Afghanistan, I suggest you do not use the regular postal service. First of all the addressing system in Afghanistan is not established as to what we have the in the Western Countries. Streets still do not have well established names and houses do not have numerical identities at the moment. Let us say you are sending letter to soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan, your specific government will have an appropriate address dedicated for that and I think that is the best form of postal service that you can try to reach your men and women in uniform serving there at the moment. I hope that helps.

How do you send a letter to the Greek gods?

You cannot send a letter to the Greek Gods because they are mythical. The postal service does not deliver letters to mythical places. You can pray to the gods which is similar to sending a letter.

Where does someone send their letter to Santa?

If one is writing a letter to Santa, generally they send it to the North Pole. Many children write letters each year, and the postal service will usually sort them.

How can one send mail which is secured?

There are several ways to send mail which are secure. The best ways to ensure one's mail is sent securely are FedEx, United States Postal Service, and UPS.

Can you send mail to a P.O Box?

Yes, one may send registered mail to a P.O. Box; however, the owner of the Box must sign for it. (This refers to the United States Postal Service.)