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Yes, Insert-Name-Define

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What is the use of name menu in Microsoft Excel?

I am not aware of a name menu in Excel. However, Excel has a name box that displays the name or cell reference of the active cell.

What does the x mean in Excel?

It is the second letter in the name of the software application Microsoft Excel. It does not stand for anything specific.

What is name box in computer?

In Microsoft Excel, the Name Box is the box to the left of the formula bar that displays the cell that is currently selected in the spreadsheet. If a name is defined for a cell that is selected, the Name Box will display the name of the cell. You can use the Name Box to define a name for a selected cell as well. In the picture to the right, is an example of the Name box in Microsoft Excel. Hope it is Right

What is another name for Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft Office. If that's what you mean.

When using Microsoft Excel where can you type the cell reference to select a cell?

You can use the name box to type in a cell reference to bring you to that cell.

What is the generic name for Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet.

The default file name for Microsoft Excel is called?

The default file name for all versions of Microsoft Excel is called "book1"

Which bar on your screen tells you where your cursor is located in Microsoft Excel?

It is shown in the Name Box, which is at the start of the Formula Bar.

Why is Microsoft Excel called Excel?

Only Microsoft knows. <- this is completel wrong excel is called excel for a very good reason it stands for a very complicated series of words so micrasoft decided to name it that +++ It's just the trade-mark, but is it a play on "excellent" or "excelling at" and (work-sheet) "cell"?

What are things should be kept in mind while giving the range name in Microsoft Excel?

It should be short and meaningful. It should not be the name of a cell or function in Excel. It should be easy to remember. It should be unique.

When Microsoft Excel invented?

Microsoft Excel doesn't have an invention date per-say. It was sold to them by another company under a different name Microsoft released it under a different name and with major improvement in 1987.

What is the extension name for Microsoft Excel 2003?

For workbooks in Excel 2003, the extension .xls is used.

What is the file name extension of a Microsoft Excel file?

The file extension of MS Excel is .xmls

What is the extension name used for Microsoft Excel?

.xls for versions up to Excel 2003 and .xlsx from Excel 2007 onwards.

What is the difference between a Namebox and Formularbox in a Microsoft Excel?

The formula bar is where formulas are typed and where you can see what is in a cell. The name box shows a cell reference, or names of cells or ranges.

Can you give name to a range in Microsoft Excel?

Yes, Excel does have the facility to create and use range names.

Where does the file name appear when you open an Excel file?

The File name will usually appear at the top of the excel file. It should look something like this: file name - Microsoft Excel...

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