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NetworkingYes you can but it would be simplar and more effectiant to have both using wireless, it is more effectient. Now both would have to a wireless nic card. If you decide to just run the labtop on wireless you will have to have a wireless router and a DSL router to run them off diffrent Network configurations.
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Q: Can you set up your PC using cable and your notebook using wireless?
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Do you need a printer cable to set up a wireless printer?

The only cable needed for a wireless printer is the power cord.

When i got a New laptop plugged in a wireless router and it is asking me for a password that i have not set up. how do you find a password i have not set up?

Wireless configuration utility asks for passwords only in the case when you have one. If you did not set up the password somebody did it for you. Log on in your wireless router using a LAN cable and change or disable wireless security password.

How do you connect a modem to computer?

wireless or wired? if wired simple case of usiing an Ethernet cable, also called a patch cable or cat 5 cable. if wireless, you will need a network card with wireless capibilty or a wireless 'dongle' that comes with the router, then its a case of set up A cable modem is connected either with a RJ45 cable or a USB cable.

How does a wireless TV sender work?

A wireless TV sender is used to send the signal from a satellite or cable set top box to a television in another room. The transmitter connects to the set top box by a cable. It then sends the signal to a receiver box which is connected to the television set. The signal is set via wireless and hence there is no need for unsightly cabling.

How do you set up wireless broadband Internet access in the home?

When you get broadband cable or dsl you should be set up with a modem connected to your computer with an ethernet cable (similar to a phone cable). To make this wireless you need a wireless router (this connects the modem to the computers) and wireless cards (there are different kinds for desktops or laptops) for each wireless desktop or laptop. This link will provide you with greater detail

Do you have to connect the router to the computer?

If it is WIFI then you will need to connect it with the cable first to set up the passwords and access keys for wireless. Then, if you have a wireless card on your computer, you won't need the cable after setting it up.

I want to set up wireless internet.?

You will need to have either a dsl or cable internet connection. Then you will need to purchase a wireless router so the electronics in the your house can get the wireless signal.

Where can I find cheap cable for this wireless TV?

If you have a wireless TV then you do not need any cables except the one that plugs into the wall for power and the cable box. By wireless it means that you need to have access to wireless internet to use certain features. You can buy a router to set up your wireless network from Wal-Mart for a cheap price.

Can you use a Netgear wireless router as a wireless subnetwork without a cable connection?

Yes, you can. The only problem might be is that it can be tricky to set internet connection.

Is WiFi service available in Crestwood Village, Whiting, NJ, from a general provider for in home useage ?

WiFi (wireless internet) is set up using wireless routing hardware. Any internet connection can be set up for home wireless (Verizon, Speakeasy, Comcast, Juno, etc. all serve your area, though without a specific street address I can't be sure which are available to you). Sign up for monthly internet service with any provider, then you'll need a wireless router to hook up to the DSL modem or cable modem that they give you. The Apple Airport Express is probably the easiest wireless router to set up. You connect it to the modem using an ethernet cable, then the Airport emits the wireless signal that your laptops will pick up.

How do you set up your own wireless network?

All what you need is a wireless router (in a case if you want to have internet you need to have also internet connection to the router) and at least one wireless adapter or a computer with a lan card (almost all of them), and a lan cable. After that you need to log in the router and configure (if it was not) the DHCP server (how to do that is written in the router manual). If you did everything right you have a wireless network (in the case when you are using wireless adapters). PS: Your network adapters (wireless and wired) have to be set in "get an ip address from a DHCP server".

How does one setup a wireless internet connection?

If you are wanting to set up a wireless connection, you first need a wireless router of any brand. Plug in your computer with a data cable to the box. Install the software and set your wifi access. you should now have wifi access.

If you get the wireless network adapter for the Xbox do you need the ethernet cable?

no,beacuse that is why you buy a wireless 360 adapter just connect your wireless adapter and go to network settings set it up to work with your router wirelessly

A Linksys Wireless Router Makes Wireless Internet Easy?

Making the move from a wired to a wireless network environment used to be difficult and require the need of a specialist. With the Linksys Wireless Router, that is no longer the case. Simply plug the Linksys Wireless Router into your cable or DSL modem and follow a simple wizard and you will be surfing the net wirelessly in no time. Set up a Linksys Wireless Router and cut the cable.

Do you need a wireless adapter with wireless internet to set up Xbox live?

No, but you do need high speed internet. You can set up xbox live using a wired connection.

Can you connect a VCR to a television set using a biaxial cable?


When a wireless adapter connects to a wireless access point the wireless adapter runs in mode?

Extended service set (ESS):Also known as infrastructure,where hosts connects to a wireless access point using a wireless adapter.

What is the best wireless modem router?

The best and easiest wireless internet router to set up is the one by DLink. The second best is Linksys. For the DLink, all you have to do is attach the main internet cable and Ethernet cable to the main computer or the mother computer.

How do you set up a wireless router to your cable modem?

Plug in an ethernet cord from the back of your modem to the correct slot on your router.

Easiest way to set up wireless router?

The wireless router should have a plug for a power cord, a WAN port, and a switch. The power cord should be plugged into a known good outlet. The WAN port will usually be connected to the modem using straight-through patch cable.

Does it cost extra to setup a wireless internet network?

There is no extra cost to set up a wireless network. Your connection comes into the home via your cable or telephone line which is connected to a router which provides a wireless connection . These are widely available. Your computers can then connect to your wireless network.

What accessories do you need to set up a wireless printer?

You can do it in at least two different ways. First one is to get a wireless router configure it properly for your particular wireless network. Of course, you will a wireless router. Second one is to connect your printer to a computer with wireless card, and share it using windows features (if you are using windows).

Do I need to set up a network to have wireless broadband service at home?

You usually do have to set up a network to have wireless broadband service at home, but it depends on the type of computer you are using and your modem or router.

How do you connect your Nintendo wii to the internet?

You can connect a Nintendo Wii to the internet via a cable or you can set up a wireless connection. You will have to use the settings feature to set it all up.

Wireless Broadband Provider?

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