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You can try to settle the case any time, but each case is different. Unless you file bankruptcy, you cannot force a creditor to compromise a debt. Some creditors will settle debt before it goes to judgment in order to avoid the expense of attorney fees and other litigation costs. Others will get the judgment and try to collect before agreeing to settle. Others won't settle at all. It depends on how aggressive the creditor is and your ability to pay.

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Q: Can you settle a judgment for a lesser amount or are settlements just for before the judgment?
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How do you Dismiss the judgment?

If a judgment has been recorded against someone, that person must pay the person holding the judgment the full amount of the judgment plus interest unless some lesser amount is agreed upon. When te payment clears, the judgment holder gives a document called a Warrant of Satisfaction (or some similar term), which the debtor sends to the state office where the judgment is recorded. That office will file the Warrant and the judgment will be released. It is never "dismissed". It is just paid and satisfied.

How does one become clear of a civil judgment?

Pay it in full, make a settlement agreement to pay a lesser amount in lieu of full payment or file for bankruptcy.

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Is there any way to get a civil judgment for credit card debt lowered because of inability to pay when on a pension?

People who have the means have an attorney negotiate with the creditor who will often settle for a lesser amount. You might try contacting the legal department of the creditor (perhaps the person whose name is on the court papers for the credit card company). You could try to make an offer to send a cash payment and see if they will take a lesser amount if you agree to pay it off. Tell them you are on a pension and otherwise it will take you a very long tie to pay it off. It's up to the creditor. No one else can change the amount of the judgment.

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If you have been served notice of a judgment against you can the judgment be dismissed or is it too late?

The defendant debtor can negotiate with the plaintiff creditor up until the time the judge awards a judgment for the debt owed, and sometimes after a judgment has been handed down. Often the presiding judge will request the two parties meet with an indpendent mediator to attempt to settle the issue without it being necessary for the court to make a decision. A judgment is issued after the case has been heard. If the debtor has already received a notice of final judgment that would indicate that the plaintiff creditor has won the case and can execute the judgment in the time and in the way the laws of the state allows. It is in the best interest of the judgment debtor to try and reach a settlement with the judgment creditor. Some creditors will negotiate for a lesser amount even after a judgment award just to have the matter finished, but many will not if they believe they can collect a larger amount by letting the judgment stand. Judgments can be valid 5 to 20 years and many are renewable, they will continue to accrue interest until they are paid or settled and the debtor can end up owing considerably more then the original debt.

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Possibly a lesser monthly payment perhaps, but no reduction in the total amount owed.

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