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I have used steel shot in my Model 1300 ever since I've been hunting ducks and geese and have experienced no failures or problems of any kind. Just make sure it's properly chambered (3 inch chamber for 3 inch rounds, etc.)

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Q: Can you shoot steel shot in a model 1300 Winchester shotgun and what is the best non-toxic shot for this older gun?
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Can you shoot steel shot in a model 1300 Winchester shotgun and what is the best non toxic shot for this older gun?

No. Bismuth

Value model 200 12 gauge shotgun sear and roebuck?

Not very much information to go on. We will assume you mean the slide-action Ted Williams Model 200, which was made by Winchester for Sears and is the same as the older Winchester Model 1200. Value depends on condition, about $100-$200.

Where do you get a schematic for a Winchester model 275 rifle?

I would start at Winchester directly.You may find some info on the internet,at sites that pertain to older Winchester rifles.

The years Winchester made the 410 gauge model 37?

Winchester never made a Model 37 410 Gauge shotgun. Model 37 was a single-shot shotgun made in 1936. Winchester's first 410 Gauge shotgun was Model 41 in 1920. Later he followed by making Model 42 a 410 Gauge Shotgun with slide action in 1993. I must beg to differ from the answer above. I am looking at, holding and gazing at my beautiful "Winchester Model 37 SteelBilt .410 3 In Chamber" Shotgun!!!! Given to me by my mother who did her fair share of knocking down pheasants and rabbits with this little gem! It is a 1950 from my Grandfather to my mother and then to me!!!! Smooth barrel and an absolute masterpiece!!! Thanks, I know the first one was wrong because I'm looking at mines that was passed down to me in my family that was made before i was born 43 years ago and i know its got to be at least 50 years or older cause my grandpa passed it along to his grand boys and i was the last one to have it.

Where can you find parts for a older Stevens Model 311 shotgun?

Yellow pages category = GUNSMITHS.

Where do you find model number on older 16 gauge browning shotgun made in belgium?

on the bottom of the receiver

Where can you get an owners manual for a model 101.5380D shotgun?

Manuals for the model 101.5380D shotgun may be found at some Sears Roebuck gun dealers. However as an older gun model manuals may need to be special ordered by the store.

What is the age of Winchester 1897 model?

No older than 1897, but we need more information to get you a date. Post the serial number.

How much is a Winchester model 1904 22 short worth?

a mod 1904 is worth 50 to 100 dollars if its older.

Who invented the 1873 Winchester rifle?

The Winchester Model 1873 was not invented by a single person, but instead was the culmination of Winchester's continual efforts to make improvements to older designs. The basic design was originally patented by Henry B. Tyler (the inventor of the original Henry Repeating Rifle), which was then taken over by Oliver Winchester, improved upon, and released as the Winchester Model 1866. The Model 1873 was the next evolution of the Model 1866, and the advent of the centerfire cartridge versus a rim fire cartridge. Bert H.

When was model 820B Stevens savage shotgun made?

The Savage 820 model is an older gun that was made long before the current accessories. No one ever made any after-market accessories for this model, it is not noted the year of manufacture.

How old do you have to be to buy shotgun ammo?

18 or older

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