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Q: Can you show me the katana Japanese writing of alphabet?
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How were hieroglyphics designed?

Hieroglyphics were made to show a sound.

How did you lose your katana in Halo 3?

It doesn't say or show it.

Is there a website that lets you translate English to Japanese but translating it with Roman letters?

Though Google's translation service is not particularly accurate for anything beyond the most rudimentary sentences, if you are translating into Japanese there is an option to "Show Romanization", this will display the Japanese with the Latin Alphabet.

How do you write Michelle in jappanese?

If you want to write in mordan japanesse you can write it as Michelle. I wish I had a japanese computer to show u how to write it in regular Japanese writing. Am Japanese myself. Am Azuky Nakahara

Can you show the alphabet?

viking power

Show you all alphabet in cursive order?

show the answer on this page

Can you show me the viking alphabet?

viking power

Where does it show what every letter in the English alphabet would look like if it was translated into Japanese what is the symbol in Japanese for every letter in the English alphabet?

Well Japanese does not work the way English does for starters. Like English they have vowels like ours a e i o u but theirs is pronounced totally different. There are two main alphabets when learning Japanese, Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana is for native terms to Japan, and Katakana is for foreign words that they have incorporated into their language. These foreign words could be from any culture that they learned the objects from and cultures that influenced them. Ex. T-shirt is from English so therefore they use T-shiyatsu which is pronouned the almost exact way in English. Bread though in Japanese is, Pan which is from the Portuguese word for bread. You cannot directly translate the English alphabet into the Japanese alphabet. Our alphabet only contains one letter for each sound but their contains two for every letter and vowel combination. EX. of how their alphabet looks, although it is a bit longer. a i u e o ( Japanese vowels) M ma mi mu me mo H ha hi fu he ho K ka ki ku ke ko

Write a program to type 2 alphabet and it will show the alphabet in between the 2 alphabet. for example we have have typed A and E the the answer will be B C and D?


Can you show the hieroglyphic alphabet?

See the link for an introduction.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Alphabet Soup Show - 1995?

The cast of The Alphabet Soup Show - 1995 includes: Ali Briggs Mandy Colleran Mandy Redvers Higgins

Can you use the katana in Halo 3 to fight with?

Yes. But No one knows How it glitch's Randomly and i think they patched it up.