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2011-06-22 23:10:49
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Q: Can you smoke salvia divinorum leaves and feel a trip without the extract?
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What do you do with salvia divinorum extract?

smoke it

Do salvia leaves make you trip or does the extract?

Salvia divinorum is the only species in the genus Salvia which contains salvinorins, the active compounds that produce a hallucinogenic effect. The leaves of S. divinorum could be used to trip, although one would need to use a much larger quantity than for the extract. The extract is simply the isolated and concentrated salvinorins (along with other compounds). Because the extract is more potent, it is generally much easier to get an effect from the extract, although it is certainly possible with simply the leaves (for example, a large quantity of leaves chewed as a quid).

What is the difference between salvia extract and salvia foliage?

Salvia extracts is a mix of dry smashed Salvia Divinorum leaves mixed with a concentrated amount of Salvinorin-A, depending on the amount of Salvinorin-A you put on a gram of smashed dry leaves, it's the strength you get (5X 10X etc.)

Are Salvia leaves as effective as extract?

No. It takes many times more salvia leaves to produce the effect that an extract would.

Is salvia divinorum illegal?

Salvia Divinorum is legal almost everywhere like such as.

Is salvia used in Chinese medicine?

If by Salvia you mean Salvia Divinorum, then the answer is no. Salvia Divinorum is not used in Chinese medicine, as Salvia does not naturally grow in any region of China. Salvia Divinorum is only to be found in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Has salvia nemorosa got similar properties to salvia divinorum?

No, Salvia nemorosa does not contain salvinorins, the active components of Salvia divinorum.

What is a scientific name for Salvia?

Salvia divinorum

What kind of plant is salvia divinorum?

The mint family. Salvia is the latin name for sage. Salvia divinorum is therefore a psychoactive kind of sage.

Do salvia leaves need to be dry?

If Salvia divinorum leaves are going to be smoked, they need to be dried first. However, if they are going to be chewed, swallowed, or made into a tincture, they can still be wet.

What are the different kinds of Salvia?

I only know Salvia Divinorum.

Is taking Salvia divinorum healthy?

Although some studies have indicated that Salvia divinorum may be effective in treating the symptoms of depression, taking Salvia divinorum (particularly smoking it) should be considered unhealthy, especially because the long term effects of Salvia divinorum usage are not well-known.

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