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After the motor is burnt you can !

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What is the difference between a model rocket and a model rocket engine?

A model rocket is the entire rocket which goes up into the air. It usually contains:Main BodyNose coneNozzleRocket enginePayload (Parachute)The model rocket engine (or rocket motor) is the part of the rocket which contains the propellant. It is generally a cylindrical tube which fits into the main body of te rocket.To understand better, you can compare it with a car. The model rocket is the entire car, complete with the interiors and the body. The model rocket motor (engine) is only the IC engine of the car.

What would model rocket fuel be described as?

Modern model rocket fuel is a solid fuel.

What is the difference between model rockets and real rockets?

In a real rocket, there is short a time in atmosphere and the aerodynamics are less important. In a model rocket, all flight in the atmosphere and the aerodynamics are very important. In a real rocket, it has a liquid or solid rocket engine and a large propellant mass fraction. In a model rocket, it has a solid rocket engine and a small propellant mass fraction . In a real rocket, there are four forces during atmospheric flight. In a model rocket, there are four forces throughout flight. In a real rocket, there is a long powered flight . In a model rocket, it has a very short powered flight . In a real rocket, it has passive stability and active control . In a model rocket, it has passive stability and no control. In a real rocket, it has expensive materials such as aluminum, titanium, and nickel alloy. In a model rocket, it has inexpensive materials such as balsa, cardboard, and plastic. In a real model, there is a high speed and the heating is very important. In a model rocket there is low speed and the heating is not important.

How many fins does the rocket have?

it depends on what kind of rocket it is but, for a model rocket you need 3.

Is the weight of a model rocket the same as the mass of a model rocket?

Yes, weight and mass are essentially the same.

What does the body tube do on a model rocket?

On a model rocket you keep the engine in the body tube and the cone and fins are connected to it

When was the model rocket invented?

Though the Chinese had model rockets in the 1300s, the modern model rocket upon which the hobby of model rocketry is based was invented by a shoe salesman in 1953

What stores sell model rocket supplies?

Apogee Rockets, Estes Rockets, Discount Rocketry, Rocket Fun, and Red Arrow Hobbies are just a few of the stores that sell model rockets and model rocket supplies.

Why did Robert H Goddard invent the model rocket?

He invented the rocket in 1926

How long does it take to build a model rocket?

It depends on what type of rocket you are building.

What are tailfins on a model rocket used for?

To keep the rocket in straight,stable flight.

Who invented the model rocket?


Can you launch a model rocket in Chicago?


Is it still considered a model rocket if you build it yourself?

Yes, it is definitely a model rocket if you build it yourself -that's real ingenuity.

How many types of rockets are there?

1. Model rocket 2. Mini rocket 3. High power rocket 4. Micro rocket 5. Amateur rocket

How many engines can a rocket hold?

A model rocket usually only holds one engine. The size of the engine and the amount of thrust that you get from varies. Becoming apart of a model rocket organization can help you determine the right engine for your rocket.

How Goddard Robert have the idea for a rocket?

he was in a chinese store and saw a model built rocket. he wanted to build that rocket after himself

Where can I buy a rocket ship?

You can't buy a real rocket ship, but you can make a model.

How far will a model rocket go with gravity?

The answer depends on the design of the rocket, how it is propelled and so on.

What are model rocket engines and what do they do?

Model rocket engines are reproductions of rocket engines that are scaled down to a much smaller size than the real thing. They usually don't do anything and are for display purposes.

When did the rocket get invented?

The Oldsmobile V-8 rocket engine was introduced in the 1949 model year.

What does the launch lug in a model rocket?

The launch lug actually guides the rocket up the launch rod.

How much are rocket?

It depends on the rocket. A model rocket will run about $20, the cheapest (relatively) inter-orbital rocket run's 7 million dollars, and the biggest rocket in the world goes a whopping 270 million.

When was the first model rocket made?

Around 1930.

What contains potassium nitrate?

model rocket engines