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It is much easier to swim with fins on but the basics of swimming are necessary and a certain comfort with having your head under water for lengths of time is better. Trying to swim with your head under water but not so far that water gets in your snorkel, and just breathing through a snorkel for that matter takes some getting used to.

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Snorkelling is fun. However if you so't know how to swim a choking mouthful of water if you go too deep, a cramp, being washed out to deeper water, losing your bearings makes a nice entry into your obituary but little else..Learn the full set of skills before you do something potentially deadly.

I've talked to many tour operators in action resorts who shake their heads sadly at the poor training given to snorkelers, Scuba divers, parachute kite fliers etc. before they set off for an afternoon of "fun"

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Q: Can you snorkel without being able to swim?
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Can you use a snorkel in the swim?

I don't think you can swim with a snorkel. You should ask an official if it is allowed. I personally wouldn't because the snorkel creates a lot of drag and will slow you down.

Do you need to know how to swim to snorkel?

Technically, no. A snorkel is merely a breathing apparatus that allows one to breathe while one's face is below water. You could use a snorkel while walking or crawling in shallow water. Still, it'd be a far better idea not to be in water deep enough to snorkel in without some ability to swim.

Could you See sperm swim in a microscope?

Yes, of course. Sperm would not be able to be identified without being able to see it.

Were do you snorkel in Hawaii?

Hanauma Bay is a very popular place to snorkel in Hawaii. You can swim with all kinds of colorful fish.

How do you spell snorkling?

The correct spelling is snorkeling (to swim using a snorkel).

What can you do in Puerto Rico?

you can swim, surf, shop, wind surf, and snorkel

Do elephants swim?

yes they canys they use there trunk like a snorkel

Do Elephant swim?

yes they canys they use there trunk like a snorkel

What are the characteristics of an animal that swims?

being able to swim.

Why do you need a snorkel to scuba dive?

so that if you are at the surface, and you need to swim to get to your boat or to shore, you do not use your precious air supply. instead, you use the snorkel.

Are border collies waterproof?

They can go in the water, if they can swim, without being damaged, yes. However, they have to breathe air, so make sure they can swim, and are able to get out of the water on their own, or they will drown.

Can you swim with a perforated eardrum?

Yes you can swim. It would not be a good idea to scuba dive or snorkel to far below the surface of the water.

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