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ask your mom to do it for you

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Is it possible to sprain your leg?


How do you sprain your leg?

pop your leg and in 3 hours it will start to hurt.

How can you sprain your leg?

I recommend doing the jerk.

How does a person with a sprain leg keep fit?


What are the symptoms of a rear leg sprain in dogs?

Generally limping.

What are the symptoms of a front leg sprain for a dog?

Very. I have not met one that is not.

How can you end up on crutches?

If you brake a leg or if you badly sprain your ankle

How many days does a sprain leg of a dog heal?

if you treated it well the sprain of the dog will heal for 3-4 weeks if you did not treated it well it could be months!

What causes more pain a sprain or a break?

It depends on the where you break or sprain a body part breaking of the leg or arm hurts more than a sprain but a sprain on an ankle wrist or fingers and toes is typically more painful than a break, Yes a break is more severe but a sprain can often cause more pain

What can you give a 21 lb mini daschund for a leg sprain?

wal mart carries doggie aspirin

What does it mean when someone sprains their leg or foot?

A sprain is a slight or severe tear in a ligament caused by over-extension of a jointFirst degree sprain - is a tear of only a few fibers of the ligament.Second degree sprain - is a tear of part of a ligament, from a third to almost all its fibers.Third degree sprain - is a complete tear of the ligament

Icd-9 code hamstring sprain?

844.8 Other specified site of leg or knee is as close as you will get!

3 month old yorkie a sprain leg?

A yorkie with a sprained leg needs to be seen by a veterinarian. A vet may choose to splint the leg, prescribe anti-inflammatories, or both in an attempt to treat the injury.

How tell if your dog broke its leg?

If the leg is broken, the dog will not be able to put pressure on it. Still, even if it is a sprain or strain, you should have a vet look at it to prevent other complications.

How do you know if you have broken your leg or if it is just a sprain?

Crepitus - one of the signs of a broken bone is a grinding sound when the extremity is moved.

HOW MUch baby aspirin to give a 6 lb yorkie?


Can you sprain your pelvis?

Technically you can not sprain your pelvis it's self. You can sprain your hip however, this is because a sprain is located in a joint.

Can you sprain your thumb bone?

A sprain is soft tissue damage. You cannot sprain a bone. You can sprain your thumb, just not the bone itself.

What is lumbar sprain?

A sprain of the lumbar vertebrata.

What are the difference between a strain and a sprain?

A sprain is an injury to a ligament. A sprain is an injury to a muscle or tendon.

What is the Hebrew word for sprain?

to sprain (verb) = naká (נקע) sprain (noun) = néka (נקע)

What do you do for a puppy with a front leg sprain?

If you think your puppy has sprained a leg (or is not bearing weight on one leg or limping), you need to take him to a vet. Call your vet and tell him/her exactly what your puppy is doing and they will decide if you need to bring the dog in ASAP, or if it can wait a day or so.

Can you give you a sentence that has the word sprain?

You will sprain your ankle.

What is the future tense of sprain?

The future tense is "will sprain"

what takes longer to heal a sprain or a break?


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