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Can you start to show in your first month?


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You probably won't start showing in the first month. The average is between 3 to four months. At 4 weeks pregnant there is still not a baby developed it is just an embryo with not even any limbs yet that measures at about 1 millimeter. There is a dramatic difference between week four and week five and even greater at week 6 and 7! Here is a picture of a week by week calendar of what your baby looks like! == == == ==


You are not actually showing baby or uterus in the first month. Its probably bloating and maybe weight gain from being pregnant.


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You start to show in your second trimester, usually around the fifth month unless you have had many children.

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You may not have your period every month when you first start. This is because your periods will be irregular.

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Dogs will start to show during their first month of pregnancy. Dogs will often nest when they are close to their due date. Watching the dog's behavior is key.

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It varies in every woman. With my first pregnancy, I didn't "show" until the eighth month. In my second, I started showing around the fifth month.

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