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Can you still be pregnant if your perios is 3 days late and have had 3 neg pregnancy tests but you have all of the symptoms of early pregnancy?



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Pregnancy hormones are detected through blood or urine during a pregnancy. But, sometimes, even after a few days of missing a period there is not enough hormones in the system to create a positive urine test. Wait a week or two, ir no period appears, take another test, the amount of the pregnancy hormone should be high enough and show through.

Though, another thought is, pregnancy symptoms or signs are not unique to pregnancy only. Stress and sometimes to much activity can cause a late period. Tender breasts can be a sign that you will be staring your period soon. Vomiting and/or nauseous can be from food poisoning.

But, it's never to early to assume one is pregnant and to take all the right steps to protect the growing embro that will later turn into a fetus at 10 weeks after the missed period.