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Can you still beat Steven with weaker Pokemon?


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Yes, provided you know what you're handling. I have forgotton most of his Pokemon because I had beaten him before and then my game got deleted......I know three of his Pokemon, but the other two have been forgotten.......Maybe you will be able to beat him! Three of his Pokemon are Cradily, Altaria and Metagross. You can obtain all of them. In the desert, you will find two fossils. The Claw Fossil gives you Lileep, which you can evolve into Cradily (ta-da!) the other fossil gives you Anorith. To obtain Altaria, you can catch a Swablu south of Fallabor town, or, you can go to Sky Pillar (near Pacifidlog town and containing Rayquaza at the top (wowee!)) and you can find Altaria, Claydol, and more...... To obtain Metagross you have to beat the Pokemon League first. Then go Mossdeep and go into Steven's house. Don't bother reading the book, go for the Poke Ball. It contains Beldum which you can train and evolve into Metang, then Metagross. So there. Just go for the ultimate. ADVANTAGE + LEVEL = SUCESS Remember that. It will help. TRUST ME P.S. Show Steven who's strong!