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Can you still get pregnant 4 years after having a laparoscopy?


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yes. i got pregnant 1 year aftere having it


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Yes, if you have your periods. A female can become pregnant as soon as she starts having her periods and is having intercourse. The youngest female to become pregnant was only five years old.

It is rare for a woman to become pregnant at 49 but it possible. If a woman is still releasing eggs and having intercourse, she can become pregnant. Generally after menopause a female won't get pregnant but it's possible.

If she has started having periods (menstruating) then she can get pregnant.

ist been about 7 years that i have had my tubes tied. can i still get pregnanet at any time still?

As long as you are ovulating, you can still get pregnant.

If the female is still ovulating then yes she can become pregnant.

could you still get pregnant if you had your tubes cut and burned 19 years ago?

Most recent evidence shows it continues to be effective for up to seven years. Talk with your health care provider about when you should have it replaced, if you are still not thinking of getting pregnant.

is it possible to get pregnant after having a tubal ligation 6 years ago

It does happen...but chances are REALLY slim like less than .01%

Maybe, but the chances are slim. Even months later after having it done it is slim, but 12 years ago means it is even slimmer.

Even at 35 years of age, a woman is still likely to become pregnant.

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

If you get back to a normal period you can get pregnant.

YES. Remember the form you signed at the time that stated that a tubal is not 100% and you can still get pregnant?! Nothing so far is 100% not even BC pills. You have to get this checked out if you think you may be pregnant because the chances of having a tubal pregnancy is higher and you can die from this. Good Luck

Discuss the risks with your doctor and check fertility and then you take ovulation tests and have sex according to that.

as soon as you start having your period you can get pregnant be safe use protection

Not likely but yes. My sister got pregnant with the IUD in and she had had it for over three years.

No. To be pregnant requires the person having begun puberty and that doesn't happen until a girl is 11 or more years old. It is impossible for a fetus to get pregnant.No, the baby is not sexually mature so therefore a girl infant can not be pregnant when born.

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

If you think you may be pregnant then seek your mothers help as the first port of call then go see your doctor. Its too late to advise you of the perils of having sex so early in your life as you are still a child yourself but cut it out if its not too late. You are still developing yourself and this is not good for you. The person you are having sex with needs to behave and leave you alone.

No. Pregnancy is not possible after successful tubal ligation.

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