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Yes, because it is normal for some semen to remain in the urethra.

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Q: Can you still get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates before sex?
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If a man ejaculates and you have no symptoms of pregnancy and still have regular periods could you still get pregnant?

no Not unless he does it again and his timing is better.

How effective is coitus interruption as a birth control method?

it is usually never effective, because even if he pulls out before he ejaculates, there is still a little chance that some of his semen is inside you, and you can still get pregnant.

What does pullout mean?

The pullout method is when the man pulls out of the woman before he ejaculates. However, it is not a reliable method of contraception because he can release pre-ejaculate before he pulls out and the woman can still get pregnant from that

If your period is about to start any day can you still get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates inside you?

If you are going to have sex that is the best time for unprotected sex because it means your egg is not in a position to get fertilized. But, they say it is possible anyway.

Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend ejaculated on her leg besides she is still virgin?

no she can't get pregnant.

Your Boyfriend Ejaculated in you on your last day of ovulation 12days before your period is due can you be pregnant if your period still comes?

If your period comes, it's unlikely that you're pregnant

Your boyfriend is an illegal Mexican and im pregnant can he still live here if im pregnant?

No. Get married.

Can you still get pregnant if you smoke cigs and your boyfriend smokes and drinks?


Can a woman get pregnant during her period using withdrawal method?

Yes she can. It's not very common for women to become pregnant while on their period but it is possible. The withdrawal method is not very reliable if you are not trying to get pregnant. A woman can still get pregnant from a mans preejaculate which would be at the tip of the mans penis before he ejaculates. So yes you can get pregnant that way too

What are the odds of getting pregnant if you are on your period and your boyfriend pulls out?

your not likely to get pregnant then. but you should still be using protection.

You have missed your period and you have no pregnancy symptoms your boyfriend pulled out everytime you had minor intercourse could you still be pregnant?

Yes, you could still be pregnant. Any time a boy ejaculates near or around your vagina, some sperm can enter you and it is possible to get pregnant. You should take a pregnancy test right away to find out for sure. You can buy them at any drug store. Or you can take a free test at any Planned Parenthood location.

If a woman is pregnant with her boyfriend kid but she is still married what are the rights for the boyfriend?

hey if u're the boyfriend she will totallyget everything. it's life sorry

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