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No. Windows themes only work on specific versions of Windows.

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Q: Can you still get the Windows XP Zune theme on Windows 8?
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Will Windows xp work with a zune?


Is the xp theme zune safe?

Oh yes. It was made by the Zune company I believe.

Where can one get the Windows XP Vista Theme for free?

There are many ways to get the Windows XP Vista Theme for free. One may simply search Google images for the theme or download the theme from the Windows XP website.

Free Windows 7 theme for xp?

windows 7 theme for XP are basically windows themes that can be installed on windows xp to give it a look similar to windows 7. See the link in the related links section.

What is the default Windows XP Theme?

The default Windows XP theme is called "Windows Classic". This is typically based on a blue theme, and a simple font. This can be activated via the Control Panel.

Can you use the zune hd with a e machines e520?

As long as it has Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 the software works.

Will Vista Inspirat work on Windows 7?

No. Vista Inspirat is a Vista theme for Windows XP. As XP themes do not work on Windows 7, the theme cannot be used as is.

Where can one download the Vista theme for Windows XP?

There are a number of websites where one can download the Vista theme for Windows XP including Mega Leecher, Softonic, Adni18, Crystal XP and 4Shared.

What is the password for the Best Vista Theme For Windows XP?


Are Windows xp pro and windows media center compatible?

Yes. XP MCE is XP Pro with an extra "Royale" theme and a few extra entertainment features.

Is Windows XP still used?

Yes. Windows XP accounts for about half of all computers still being used on the internet.

Who wrote the Windows XP Musical Intro Theme?

todd rudgren

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