Can you still have a period while pregnant?


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Yes you can still have your period when you are pregnant. It is most common during your first pregnancy.


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no. if you happened to be pregnant and got your period its misscariage. there's no way you can have your period while pregnant .

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

You can't get pregnant while you're having your period.

yes you can actually get pregnant while still on period

yes you can still get preggers while on the monthly

Yes. Some women still have regular bleeding while pregnant

there are an unfortunate few that have normal periods while pregnant

Some cases have shown that some women have had period like symptoms while pregnant

It is rare, but you can be pregnant and still get your period.

If you had your period when you were pregnant you wouldn't be pregnant. There is a chance you could still be pregnant, otherwise you would have a miscarry.

Yes, it's possible to still have something that resembles your period while being pregnant.

It is a very rare circumstance. If you have your period, you are not pregnant.

You can still bleed while you're pregnant like you would when you get your period. Definitely take a pregnancy test to be sure.

Yes you can still have periods whilst you are pregnant.

Typically if you get your period you are not pregnant.

if your pregnant you can not have your period!

No, because while you are pregnant you do not have a period. So question answered NO u cant be pregnant and have a period on the due date. I repeat....if you are pregnant, then NO PERIOD.

Yes, it is not as common to get pregnant while on your period, but you still can get pregnant. Sperm can live inside a women for a few days and it is definitely possible.

Yes you can. While being pregnant you can still have spotting, which is often confused as a light period. You can still have a healthy child with this going on. If you know that you are pregnant and begin spotting, you should go to you doctor at once. Although if you are ignorant of being pregnant you can still have a healthy child, it is a sign that something is wrong.

You can have a period if oyu have a miscarriage and the egg comes out in the period. Otherwise NO! YOU KNOW U R PREGNANT WHEN U DONT HAV A PERIOD!!!

You don't get a period while you're pregnant

Yes you can get pregnant while on your period.

It is possible to still have a period and be pregnant/ Having a heavy period while pregnant could mean problems with the pregnancy. If you suspect you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test.

Yes, it is possible to still have a period while pregnant. But, as with all things, if something just doesn't feel right, you should consult your doctor.

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