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i depends on how hard the kick was and how many times you've been kicked i guess.

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If you get hit in the testicles can you still have kids?

Depends on the damage.

If a boy gets kicked accidentally in his testicles will his future kids be retarded?

No, accidental knocks to the testicles will not damage a boys future children, how ever continued or severe intentional damage to testicles will, damage sperm produced and will also damage testicles, and can have health implications for the male. Therefore testicles are very delicate and should not be hit, they are organs, and attacks on testicles are sexual abuse.

What causes pain in testicles during puberty?

getting kicked there

Does it hurt a hermaphrodite when you get kicked in the testicles?

I haven't heard of a case where a hermaphrodite got hurt when I got kicked in the balls.

Could you die from being kicked in the balls?

A number of things can happen if kicked in the testicles.If kicked in the testicles you may vomitfaintintestines can leak into the scrotum causing herniabecome infertilehave ruptured testiclesdie of shockhead and/or stomach achebe embarrassedsuffer from excruciating and unbearable pain during sexual intercours

If you get kicked in the nuts can you still have kids?

Yes, you can still have kids. And if you're into it like a lot of guys are, letting a girl hit you in the nuts will want to make you have sex and thus potentially HAVE kids.

Is it serious if your testicles have been hurting after recently getting hit there but it is not extremely bad?

Yes, the testicles are extremely sensitive. If you were accidently hit in your testicles extremely hard (or someone kicked you there) it can cause you to vomite and takes a long while to get rid of the pain. If you are still having problems please see your doctor. Good luck Marcy

Can you still have kids when your testicles are small?

Yes, you can even pre-cum that contains hardly even semen at all has got people pregnant and also the testicles increase size by 50% when aroused.

Will you suffer from a psychological problem if a man kicked you on testicles and you dont retaliate?

No..? Why would you think that in any way.

How many times can a guy get kicked in the balls before they pop?

testicles do not pop... and it is never a good idea to get kicked in the testicles in the first place... so its a wise idea to stay away from dangers like that... they do rupture however, and that can lead to some very bad health problems

Could you be prevented from having children if you get kicked in the testicles hard enough?

Absolutely. In fact, being kicked or punched or whatever there can cause other types of handicaps. It can be quite horrible.

What happens to kids who get kicked out of Catholic schools?

Just enroll them in another school and it depends on what they were kicked out for?

If you have surgery and one of your testicle moved can you still have kids?

If you mean that one of your testicles was removed (and you now only have one), yes, it is still possible to have kids. With one testicle, there is something like a 60% chance that you will still be able to have children. You need to get fertility testing from a doctor to be sure.

How come when your kicked in the testicles it takes a few seconds to hurt?

The message needs to be taken to the brain and then brought back first.

Why does it hurt when you get kicked in the Balles?

it has about half the amount of nerve endings as in the female clitoris. so yeah it hurts. considering the clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis or testicles. it would hurt alot. it hurts as much as being kicked in the vulva. the vulva ahs the same amount of nerve endings as the testicles.

If a man had a twisted testicle when he was younger can he still have kids?

Most males start out with two testicles. If both are OK from the start, one will be enough to still be able to have Children. Losing one is no big deal. If you only have one, and that gets twisted then you may not be able to have kids.

Did joe and Kevin kicked off of the band?

No, they did not get kicked out. They are all three still in the band.

What are some reasons that a 12 year old boys testicles hurt?

its the start of a boy turning into a man, and don't hit them or get them kicked!

Do your penis still work if your nut are remove?

Your penis and testicles are only connected by a very small tube. You can still have an erection if you are missing one or both of your testicles if that is what you are asking

What percentage of the LGBTQ+ community kids are being kicked out?

The answer is 40%, LGBTQ+ kids become homeless after coming out of the closet from ages 12-18, we need to stop this, all LGBTQ+ is loved and cared for. Oh, and before you go- stay gay, hooray! ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

Can you develop a tolerance to pain after getting kicked in the nuts?

Probably not. The "nuts" (testicles) have pain receptors, just like every other body part. When a person is kicked in the testicles, or is hit by a ball during an athletic event (even when wearing an athletic supporter), there is considerable pain; and being struck in the testicles is worse than being hit in, let's say, the leg, because the testicles do not have much protection (no muscles or bones to cushion the injury). Granted, some people have a higher tolerance for pain than others, but there is no evidence that being kicked in the testicles will build such a tolerance; in fact, if there are repeated kicks, it may cause harm to that part of the body, leading to serious damage such as blood clots, and some sources say it could even lead to infertility.

How do you know if you can't have kids?

One way you can find out if you can't have kids is if you touch your ball sacks and you don't have any testicles.

Is Craig Owens still in chiodos?

No, he was kicked out.

Whenever i get kicked in the balls and i have a erection it doesn't hurt much why?

Why are you getting kicked while you have an erection? Everyone experiences pain at a different level. If you are being kicked repeatedly, perhaps they have become damaged and desensitized. When you get an erection, the testicles tend to pull up tighter to the body, perhaps this protects them some.

Does a man without testicles still produce testosterone?