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Yes, you can even pre-cum that contains hardly even semen at all has got people pregnant and also the testicles increase size by 50% when aroused.

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Q: Can you still have kids when your testicles are small?
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If you get hit in the testicles can you still have kids?

Depends on the damage.

Do your penis still work if your nut are remove?

Your penis and testicles are only connected by a very small tube. You can still have an erection if you are missing one or both of your testicles if that is what you are asking

What is the medical term meaning small testicles?

Microrchidia is the medical term meaning small testicles.

Does liberty harkness still have testicles?

Yes she does have testicles as you see them hanging and she still ejaculates :)

Can you still have kids if you get kicked in the testicles?

i depends on how hard the kick was and how many times you've been kicked i guess.

Can you still have kids with small ovaries?


Even if your penis is small in size can you still reproduce?

yes depends how well your testicles work don't be afraid of it.

What is a small bump in your ball sac?

your testicles

Is it normal for a 12 year old to have small testicles but a big penis?

I'm not sure, but I'm 12 and my penis is huge and my testicles are a little small.

If you have surgery and one of your testicle moved can you still have kids?

If you mean that one of your testicles was removed (and you now only have one), yes, it is still possible to have kids. With one testicle, there is something like a 60% chance that you will still be able to have children. You need to get fertility testing from a doctor to be sure.

What are goat testicles?

Entire male goats have two testicles in a small sac called a scrotum between their hind legs. Sperm is produced within these testicles.

What should you do with sperm?

You should keep it in your testicles until you get married and have kids.

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