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Can you still replace shocks and stuts if your car has coilovers?

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Coilovers are a replacement (usually an upgrade) for a car that has a Strut Type setup. Coilovers contain a damper and a spring (Coiled "over" the damper).

That being said you can replace or change the springs or spring rates on your Coilovers. In addition you can replace or change the dampers on some of the more expensive Coilovers.

So to answer you original question, you can not replace shocks and/or struts on a car equipped with Coilovers. Apples and Oranges - they are both fruits but not the same kind.

Hope this helps.

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1986 Mercury Grand Marquis ls have shocks or stuts?

shock absorbers

What causes car to bounce when appling brakes?

You could have worn out shocks or stuts

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How do you remove the stuts rear from ford crown victoria 92?

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How difficult is it to change stuts on a 1998 Cadillac Deville?

not for the novice. One of the steps involve compressing the coil springs

How much labor cost would it cost to install rear stuts on a 95 Toyota camery?

around 100-120 bucks

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Why does my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am rattle as it's not the stuts nor anything loose under the seat or trunk area. Any help for this?

possibly the rear sway bar links

Will bad struts cause a s what kind of noise would a bad stuts cause?

A broken strut will cause a bumping sound when the wheel hits a pothole or bump. It will also make the same sound if the wheel spins under hard acceleration.

Will 97 Lincoln Continental stuts replace the 95 Lincoln Continental struts?

yes its a odd thing because ford will tell you no as the 95 and 96 have air bags ands the 97 dont they have steel springs but the 97s will bolt right in as their the exact same car and strut but you need to put a screw in the airlines and epoxy them theyll bolt right up they need to let people know this so you can get a good spring set out of a 97 or newer and replace the badly designed 95 96 units i hated the air bags they leak and dont work at times they plain stinck they work great when they pump up but too many times they dont especilaly in the cold winters, take out the air bag ones replace with the 19972 ans screw and epoxy the airlines so the baks still pump up and tie any loose remaining wires or lines up and their you go you now have sprins gs insterad of air basgs

When do the shock and stuts need to be changed on a 2003 Rav4 with 30000 miles?

My Toyota Rav4, 2003 with 30,000 miles need shock and struts. I do not drive my SUV hard. Do you think they may have been defective from the factory and if so, who do I contact? I have talked to the dealer and they gave me your web site.

How do you change the 3 spark plugs located back of the engine not vizible from the front in a 94 buick regal?

You didn't say which engine you had, but with most of those GM's you had to roate the engine to get to the rear plugs. Lisle tool company sells an engine rotation tool. You disconnect the engine stuts that attach to the radiator support and install the turning tool in its place. You put the car in neutral and tighten the tool. That rotates the engine forward enough to get your hands back there to replace the plugs. If you want to play with cars, you have to own the tools.

1993 Grand Prix and you know there are struts on the front but what is on the rear of the vehicle and you have the B4U package on your 93 SE cpeThanks?

just had my 93 grand prix done there are struts back there.the stuts does not cost much .and if u know how to put them on you will spend less then 70.00 dollars hope this help.

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Why do stuts on a car rattle?

Struts on a car can rattle for a number of reasons. Some rattle because they are loose at their mounting points,top or bottom.Some times they rattle because of a broken spring,or between the strut rod and the strut mount. It could be the strut mount .Some thing else that rattles a lot lately are sway bar links.Just a few suggestions.

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Can twenty two inch rims fit on a 1995 Monte Carlo?

I doubt it. I have a 2003 Monte Carlo with 20" rims and if I'm turning sharp and hit a slight bump it rubs slightly on the inside of the wheel well. Just enough to shine up the metal and put a little wear on the tire. They look great though. the answer is yes i have 22's on my 99 Monte Carlo and it rides just fine just be ready to have your stuts repleced if there not in the best shape no. the biggest you can fit on a 95 Monte Carlo are 20"

How do you remove the seat of your Honda steed 400 vlx?

The first step to remove the seat of you Honda Steed 400 vlx is to remove the fuel tank. The fender struts have a tab the fits to a bracket on the seat. There are bolts and screws on each side that can the removed and you can lift off the seat back first then slide the tab out from the front. You may need to unloosen the fender stuts to allow for some wiggle rom with the tabs or alignment. The Struts are 12mm. If it is bolted in from the back of the rack. Remove the rear cover.

How do i replace the hub assembly on a 2000 Subaru legacy?

im in the middle of doing my bearing assembly on my 98 subaru legacy and i asssume its simmilarfirst, open the middle of ur hubcap and romove the nut that's there (before lifting ur car, or romoving tire)also pre lift, loosen your hubcap nutsthen lift your tire and remove tire, then remove the caliper and caliper bracket (not too hard)then with a small tap of a hammer on the back of your rotor, it should slide off easythen u need to stabalize your struts to keep them compressed i did not have the tool to do this so putting my struts back up is going to be a painthen remove the 2 bolts at bottom of stuts holding ur steering knuckle on, using ur ball joint fork and tire rod fork, romove them and pull off ur steering knuckle,this is where i am and im trying to figure out how to take out my bearing assembly(btw ive used 2 bottles of PB Blaster soo far so u may want to buy a few cans before u start, and soak it)

What could be making a front end noise on a 1990 Cougar changed stuts brakes upper lower control arms sway bar links rotors tried brake test still making noise?

The power steering pump, possibly. Depending on what the noise is it could be your sway bar bushings. Is it a clunking noise? If so you also might want to check the inner tie-rod ends. When worn they can be hard to detect if the car is lifted off the ground, Simply grasp the tie-rod end and have some one move the steering wheel left to right about 3 inch's. If a slight bump is felt most likely the inner tie rod ends need replaced. If its a crunching noise when turning I have seen the rubber biscuit on the upper strut tower hit the inner fender causing a irritating noise. To determine this spray WD40 in the area (inner fender at the top of the strut) to see if it quits this will confirm it. If it quietens the noise you can drop the struts down and apply some die electric grease to the rubber biscuit.

Can Hyundai car struts get locked if put on a lift?

We recently had new tires and "fancy" wheels put on my wife's 2003 Tiburon GT. We went up to 17" and it really looks good. We bought the car new in the summer of 2002 right off the showroom floor. It has just turned 23,000 miles! It is like new, especialy since we just had a lot of paint work done to repair the faded black (Florida sun!). When we left the tire shop, my wife said the car rode like a brick. I told her it was probably because of the lower profile tires, and she would get used to it. Well, I used it a week ago for some errands and was amazed at the hard ride. It was actually dangerous! I took it back to the tire shop and they test drove it. They agreeded about the bad ride, but showed me that all four corners were a solid as a rock, with zero give when pushed down on. They said all four struts had "locked up." They said that Honda has warned them about the CRV's doing that, and the Hyundi mechanic said he has seen Alantras do it, but never Tiburons. Everyone says this can happen on very high mileage cars, but we have only 23K! The tire shop wanted nearly $1000 to change the struts and align. I replaced them all with Monroes for $281.00 (son-in-laws works at auto parts store!) and about $60.00 to align. The car rides better than it ever did before. All I can find is that sometimes when a car is on a lift with the wheels hanging down, the stuts will lock up when set back down. Moral of story.... if you have a car with struts, when raising it up, do so by the suspension to avoid extending the struts. Hope this helps someone else avoid this cost.