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Yes, you can take it anytime it is given.

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Q: Can you still take the sat as a senior before the application deadline to colleges?
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When should a high school student begin to apply to colleges?

The fall of the Senior Year. They should take their initial round of placement tests (ACT and SAT) in the spring of their Junior year. Many schools have early acceptance dates that if your application is in by a date in Oct/Nov they will let you have an entrance decision before the new year. Most have a deadline of applications for fall entrance have to be submitted by a date in April. Check the specific school requirements in the Admissions section of their web site.

Can I still apply to colleges during my Senior Year of high school if I am taking a gap year before going to college?

You can, I am doing the same.

How do you get out of doing a senior project in Pennsylvania?

You don't. The least painful way is to stop reacting and start doing. Set a deadline (like before spring break or Easter) and get cracking. That way, you can do it well and not be distracted from all the senior parties and events trying to get the project done.

Are there senior citizen discounts at community colleges for art classes?

Community colleges still offer great discounts to seniors. The average senior person should expect to save about 50% on the cost of the class.

Do all colleges in Georgia offer free tuition to senior citizens?

There are some colleges in the state of Georgia that offer free tuition to senior citizens. However, this policy varies by each institution and university.

What comes before senior in highschool?

Junior comes before Senior.

How can senior citizens audit classes?

Many Universities and Community Colleges offer this courtesy. Contact your local senior center for information.

When do colleges send you letters?

when ur great at something or when ur a junoir or a senior

Is there a certain age to send things into colleges?

Usually you want to send things into colleges when you are a senior in high school, or around the ages of 18-20.

What is the next deadline for WASSCE registration in Ghana for 2009?

private examination for senior high schools in Ghana. i want to know when the registration start and ends?

What is the best healthcare tips or tools for seniors?

I am using the SoulTab Application. The SoulTab application is focusing to become senior life easier.

Is it better to take the ACT before a GED or after?

You should take it in High School preferably in your late Junior year and early Senior year. That way you can send your SAT/ACT score to colleges and universities to look over.