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sorry, but the answer is no. erections are perfectly natural

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How do you not get erections?

I'm afraid there's no way to stop erections. Erections happen to every man

Why do erections stop?

From either ejaculation or loss of interest/disgust.

When do boys stop getting erections?

They don't. When boys get sexually excited or see a pretty girl, they get erections, they will always get them. Hope i helped :)

How can guys stop getting random erections?

It's not possible, though the older you get, the few erections you'll usually get.Never......wear sweatpants

How do you stop erections when you poop?

Ignore entirely the last answer. You don't. You have to wait it off.

Is there any spray to stop penis from getting hard?

No, and why would anyone want to stop a natural process. Erections are fine to have. As you get older you will begin to control your thoughts so you do not get as many erections. Older still and you will want to reverse the situation so you can actually have them.

Until what age does the penis keep growing?

it will stop growing around the age of 16. it will stop having erections at the age of around 75

When do you get erections?

You get erections when you are sexually excited.

Can uroxatral cause prolonged morning erections?

a few days after starting uroxatral for a slightly enlarged prostate i started to get prolonged morning erections that lasted up to 30 minutes. doctor said i was his first patient to suffer this problem. told me to stop medicine. prolonged morning erections have stopped.

Why does your five year old boy stop having erections for three days yet he used to have daily?

You get a doctor to check that out because 5 year old boys should not be having erections for 3 days

Can people get erections in death?

Only if they had an erection when they died beacause the blood would stop flowing and stay in the penis.

Which part of the body do girls use in erections?

Girls don't get erections, because they don't have penises. Only boys get erections.

Hello I get erections in the classroom all the time why is this happening and when will it stop?

Puberty happened...some girl is turning you on or something. It'll stop only when you stop getting turned on or when you get used to the feelings and learn to control them.

Does Vicodin stop erections?

From my personal experiences three 10 miligrams of hydrocodone vicodins will stop you from having a full erection. Expect a 1/4 boner. Those are my results

Why do guys have erections?

Erections assist with sexual reproduction, to aid penetration.

Why do you get erections when looking at men?

If you have sexual attraction towards men you will get erections.

Do cows get erections?

No. Cows are not bulls, they cannot get erections like bulls can.

Does not going to the bathroom cause non erections?

No. Erections are not linked to constipation.

Do boys get embarrassing erections?

Boys can get erections at inappropriate times and yes, it can be embarrassing.

How do erections form?

Erections form by having blood flowing through the penis.

Is it weird to get erections?

It is completely normal to get erections, at all ages. Even babies get erections. Though you may not realize it, your body probably has about 4-6 erections per night while you sleep. But when boys start going through puberty, they get more daytime erections because their hormones are in fluctuation.

You are fifteen years when will you stop having unwanted erections?

You'll probably continue to get them on and off for the rest of your life but they'll get less frequently as you get older.

Is there such thing as a phobia of erections?

Yes, the fear of erections does exist.The fear of erections or an erect penis is called Ithyphallophobia. The phobia is mainly found in victims of sexual abuse.

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