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No, you cannot. If necessary, butter can be substituted for shortening. Using butter will change the texture of the finished cookies. Oil cannot be used as a substitute for either shortening, margarine, or butter.

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Q: Can you substitute an oil for shortening in your cookie recipes?
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What is a substitute for canola oil in a cookie recipe?

You can substitute vegetable oil for canola oil in cookie recipes.

Can canola oil be used as a substitute for solid vegetable shortening in a cake?

Yes, in some cake recipes, canola oil can be substituted for shortening.

Can you substitute olive oil for shortening in a dinner roll recipe?

NO. Oil and shortening do not work the same way in recipes for breads, whether it is rolls or biscuits.

Can oil substitute for margarine?

Only in some recipes. Other recipes require a solid fat such as margarine, butter, lard or shortening.

Can you substitute vegetable shortening for oil?


Can you substitute shortening for oil in a cake mix?

You could substitute shortening for oil in a cake mix, but it is not recommended. The resulting cake made with shortening will have a noticeably different texture and mouthfeel. Yes you Can. Shortening.. or Hydrogenated Oil is basically poison anyways.

Does lard mean fat?

Lard is from animal fat. Shortening is hydrogenated vegetable oil. They are fairly interchangeable in recipes. And, in some recipes, when you want to avoid these types of fats, you can substitute butter.

What is the best substitute for butter?

Your best choice would be butter.More information:Natural lard that has not been partially hydrogenated is a good substitute for butter, particularly for flaky pastries. A neutral tasting oil such as canola oil can be used in some recipes, such as muffins and many cookie recipes. Olive oil is an excellent choice for savory quick breads.Although many recipes list margarine or shortenings (especially butter-flavored shortening,) these are no longer considered healthy choices because they are made with partially hydrogenated oils.

Why do you need oil when making muffins?

The oil is the "shortening" that makes the crumb of the muffin tender. In most muffin recipes you can substitute unsweetened applesauce for half of the oil to lower the fat and calories and it will still be tender.

Can you substitute Crisco for oil?

Yes, for baking purposes, solid shortening can be melted and used as a substitute for vegetable oil.

Can you substitue shortening for vegetable oil?

No, but you can substitute pizza for a vegetable.

What is the difference between oil and shortening?

Not all shortening is oil, but all oil (consumable oil, that is) is shortening. Shortening is another word for fat used in cooking, especially baking. The most common shortenings are butter and margarine and, to a lesser degree, Crisco. Other oils can be used, too. (And some low-fat recipes substitute apple sauce or prune butter for traditional fat-based shortenings.)

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