Pizza is an oven-baked, round, flat bread topped with tomato sauce, cheese and a variety of different toppings. Pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy before becoming popular across the world. The most famous kind of pizza - the margherita - was named after Queen Margherita of Italy who was served a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag whilst visiting Naples.

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History and Origins of Foods

Where did pizza originate?

Pizza as a food has its roots in some Greek flatbread dishes, as later developed primarily in Naples (now Italy). The addition of tomato sauce came about a century after the first tomatoes were brought back from Central America by Spanish explorers.

The precise history of the pizza and its origin will never be known, but here is what we know about the Italian pizza history:

  • The history of pizza goes back to the time of Virgil, who died in the first Century BC, but not before writing down a pizza recipe for posterity.
  • Around 1000 AD the word "picea" started to appear in historical records in Italy , it was a circle of dough and the topped with a variety of fillings then baked. The word pizza came into common usage at about the same time.
  • It was some time later before pizza became to be made from leavened dough, as we know it today. At the same time the pita type bread schiacciata was made.
  • Towards the end of the eighteenth Century historical records show an early record of the "Calzone" it was rolled with the stuffing completely encased inside it, and it was then shaped like a crescent, and baked.
  • The pizza as we know it today began to originate in Naples; they were flavored with oil and garlic, cinciielli (a small fish), or anchovies, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Up to 1830 the pizzas were sold from Neapolitan market stalls. The first pizza restaurant was called Port' Alba. It had installed an oven fired by volcanic rock from Mount Vesuvius as these reach the high temperatures that help to make the best pizza.
  • Salvatore di Giacomo, the Naples poet and dramatist, dedicated several poems to pizza.
  • Alexander Dumas, the author of the three musketeers was inspired to write about pizza. Dumas referred to a pizza that was not eaten for eight days. However he had obviously never tried one. He mentions that it was called an "Otto", the Italian word for eight, but in this he got it wrong, it was eaten immediately but the baker got paid eight days later. There were still a few bakers in Naples that carried this tradition until the seventies and it is possible this tradition exits even today.
  • " The pizza is a kind of stiacciati which is round in shape and made with bread dough, at first glance it looks like a simple food, but when examined more closely it looks more complicated". Dumas
  • By the nineteenth century the pizzas in Naples were garnished with pork fat, oil lard cheese, tomatoes and tiny fish, surprisingly enough not the recipe for a winning pizza!
  • The sixteenth century Bourbon Queen Maria Carolina loved the tri-colored green red and white pizza (the forerunner of the Margherita pizza) so much that she convinced her husband King Ferdinand IV to allow the pizzas to be made in the royal ovens. She had a problem because pizza as a food was associated very much with the peasants.
  • No history of pizza would be complete without the classic story of the pizza Margherita. Modern pizza history was made in 1889 when Queen Margherita Teresa Giovanni, the consort of Umberto I, visited Naples with her king. Don Raffaele Esposito, who owned Pietro Il Pizzaiolo, was asked to prepare a special dish in honour of the Queen's visit. Esposito consulted his wife who was the real pizza expert and together they developed a pizza featuring tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil. He named it the Margherita Pizza, after the city's guest of honor.
  • Mozzarella is made from buffalo's milk and had never before been used to make a pizza. Ironically a cheese, basil and tomato pizza was already popular in Naples, but it did not have quite the same impact in the annals of pizza history .
  • Baker's shops in Pompeii show evidence of flat breads that could have been amongst the world's first pizzas. If they are, they must qualify to be the world's most preserved pizza, enshrined in lava forever.
Sugar and Sweeteners

How much sugar is in pizza?


What is the main ingredient for a pizza?

While many ingredients on a pizza change, the crusted dough (either thick or thin) and the tomato sauce always return.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

At what temperature do you cook pizza?

If cooking pizza in an indoor oven, I recommend cranking the temperature up as high as it will go: usually 500-550 degrees F (260-290 degrees C). Place a pizza stone on the lower rack and preheat it with the oven-a piping hot stone will ensure a crisp crust.

(If you like an extra crisp crust, par-bake the dough directly on the pizza stone for a minute or two before adding any sauce or toppings. )

Calorie Count

How many calories are in 1 slice of pizza?

It depends on what kind of pizza your eating:

Cheese Pizza, 230 calories per slice

Pepperoni Pizza, 290 calories per slice

Sausage Pizza, 280 calories per slice

Meat-Piled High Pizza, 350 calories per slice

Veggie Pizza, 215 calories per slice

Spinach Alfredo Pizza, 240 calories per slice
It would depend on the type of pizza, the size of slice, toppings, type of crust, and how prepared. Without knowing this information it is hard to give an accurate answer.


What is a folded stuffed pizza called?

It's called a Calzone.


What Italian restaurant does Sam Brown visit that only serves 2 kinds of pizza -- marinara and margherita?

Da Michele


What types of bases do pizzas have?

Most pizza has a crust baked from fresh dough, similar to bread dough but with a slightly higher fat content. However, if you research recipes, you can find pizzas made with other crusts, such as bagel, matzo, and even grated zucchini. The zucchini crust pizza recipe can be found in The Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook.


Why do some people hate pizza?

that is just their personal opinion.


What shape is a pizza box?

A rectangular prism.

Surely it's a cuboid (when the lid is closed).


What is a smell for pepperoni pizza?



What is the recipe for Pizza Margherita?

Pizza Margherita is a pizza topped with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil. The colors are the colors of the Itallian flag.

If you do not want to make the pizza from scratch, buy a frozen 4-cheese pizza and add fresh sliced tomato slices, basil and a light sprinkling of garlic powder. Yum.


Why is pizza important in Italy?

Pizza is staple food of Italy

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Cooking Techniques

Why spray a pizza with water before cooking it?

You can spray it with cooking spray or water. But you'll more than likely to spray it with cooking spray ''', so it couldn't stick to the pan.'''


How do you write pizza in Italian?


Animated TV Series

Which cartoon character likes pizza?

I think you're pertaining to CC or C2 of the anime series Code Geass.



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Is ordering pizza online safe and easy?

Usually if you order from a well known company, especially a franchised one, it should be safe and easy. When you go onto their site and place your order, before you enter your credit card information, make sure you see the padlock symbol on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This should tell you that the website is secure.


What toppings are on a hawaiian pizza?

Ham, bell peppers, and pineapple. Some people like onions, too.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Does barro's pizza have msg?



How many slices are in 12 inch pizza?

A 12 inch pizza is a medium pizza so that would be approximately 8 slices if cut correctly.


How do you describe pizza?

To me, it tastes like a slice of melted cheese with a slight crisp to it. The cheese is so good. A little salty with a gooey satisfaction. The sauce is sometimes sweet or tart with a tomato like taste. The 2 together are awesome. The crust is best when it is slightly buttery and soft/fluffy. So it's basically like eating the hot equivalent of a bagel with cream cheese and tomato. It's amazing. And meat can be put on it and that adds a whole other dimension. Vegetables too. If you're allergic or can't taste, I'm sorry that you can't eat pizza man, a slice of pizza would be like a slice of heaven to you.


What will happen if you eat pizza everyday?

Well youd probably become overwei6ht and eventually die of cloged arteries. Lol hope ur not doin this!

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The Difference Between

What is the difference double dough and deep dish?

I think double dough means a top and bottom crust, like a calzone. Deep dish is a single thick layer of dough with a big layer of toppings.


What does pizza means?

-noun a flat, open-faced baked pie of Italian origin, consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with spiced tomato sauce and cheese, often garnished with anchovies, sausage slices, mushrooms, etc.


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