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Pizza Hut is a restaurant chain and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza along with side dishes.

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Pizza Hut

What are the Grandy's restaurant nutrition facts?

View the related link for the information

Pizza Hut

What is the difference between traditional Pizza Hut wings and wingstreet wings?

Bone in means the wings have the bone in but without any breading on the outside. Bone out means exactly that and traditional means a bone in wing but with breading on the outside.

Pizza Hut

Does Pizza Hut accept Visa debit cards?

Yes, Pizza Hut accepts Visa debit cards as a form of payment. Pizza Hut also accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards as well as cash.

Pizza Hut

How much does a Pizza Hut cook make?

Minimum wage. Doesn't matter if your the best or worst.

Not worth it at all

Pizza Hut

Is Pizza Hut open during thanksgiving?


Pizza Hut

How much does pizza crust cost?

Depends on the quality and size, but usually $1-3

you can get Your Favorite Wings for Just 50 Cents Every Wednesday.

Pizza Hut

What do you go to so you can check your wage statements for Pizza Hut rage?

You may just want to do some research on sites that link you to pizza huts.

Pizza Hut

Where does Pizza Hut get their dough?

They make the own...

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What is a banquet event order?

A Banquet Event Order is a document, usually created by an Event Coordinator/F&B Manager. It contains the most of the following information; Date of Event Contact Information Billing Information Type of Event Guest Count Room or Location Timeline of Guest arrivals, ceremonies, presentations, appetizers, cocktails, meals, desserts, toasts, coffee service, auctions (silent & live) etc. In-depth details of room set-ups, location set-ups, bar set-up, buffet set-ups, table set-ups, including table sizes/types, linen, glassware, flatware, dancefloor, stage, lights, audio/visual, chairs, etc. Description of Menu, entree counts, price per person Description of Bar Services, corkage, type of beverages preferred alcohol, etc. Additional resources labor & staffing Cost breakdown In essence, a "footprint" of the entire event, from start to finish, no detail left to chance. No BEO is perfect however, as changes are ongoing up to and during any event. An event is a living, breathing "thing" and must be lovingly guided to its successful conclusion. Yeah, right!

Pizza Hut

What happens when your Pizza Hut pizza is late?

Theirs nothing you or pizza hut can do, Why? Because about 5 years ago they stoped the 30 minutes or less thing because peoples houses sometimes are more then 2 miles away from the pizza place! But what you can do is give them a 1 dollar tip for being late! :)

Pizza Hut

How many Pizza Hut in Malaysia?

158 branches all over Malaysia out of which 12 in Sarawak.

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Pizza Hut

What types of jobs are available at Pizza Hut?

The openings listed in their online job applications are:

  • Pizza Hut Server
  • Pizza Hut Delivery Driver
  • Pizza Hut Restaurant General Manager
  • Pizza Hut Shift Manager
  • Pizza Hut Team Member
Pizza Hut
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How many people does a 14inch pizza feed?

Two average adults.


It depends on how big are those who will eat. But for me, I would say 7 so all of them can eat twice.

Pizza Hut

Why do you want to work at Pizza Hut?

You don't want to work here they are all about themselves and the money never about the employees

Pizza Hut

Is a 1996 Pizza Hut menu worth anything?

Probably not.

Pizza Hut

How much does a large pizza from little caesars cost?

$5.99 for 14" with cheese and one topping. $5.00 special for pepperoni.

$1.25 for each additional topping.

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Pizza Hut

What is the zip-code for the Pizza Hut on Elm road in Ohio?

Pizza HutAddress:‎

3401 Elm Road Northeast

Warren, OH 44483

Get Directions

(330) 372-4900

Pizza Hut

Has Pizza Hut ever considered making breakfast pizzas?

well, we have plenty of meats that you can pretty much consider breakfast meats. Ham, sausage, bacon and pork sausage. As far as eggs go, I don't think they are considering it.

Pizza Hut

What is Pizza Hut stock price?

It changes almost every day and varies from how many you want to buy.

Pizza Hut

What are all the types of crust at Pizza Hut?

Hand-tossed, thin 'n' crispy, and deep-dish pan. Also stuffed crust and SOON the ultimate stuffed crust!

Pizza Hut

How many pizza's does Pizza Hut sell in a day?

1.5 millions?

Pizza Hut

Is the word Pizza Hut a proper noun?


Pizza Hut

What is Pizza Hut's hours?

11:00 am to 1045 Sunday through thurs.

11 to 1145 Friday and sat.

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Who invented pizza delivery?

According to this pizza trivia page hosted by Mama Theresa's restaurant chain, the first pizza delivery occurred in 1889, when Naples pizzeria owner Raffaele Esposito delivered a pizza to the king and queen of Italy, who were in town on a visit. The queen was eager to try the faddish new dish but couldn't deign to visit a pizza joint, so she ordered in. The first pizzeria in North America was opened in 1895 in New York City, but pizza didn't really catch on until after the second World War, when U.S. servicemen came home from Europe gushing over it. Many small pizzerias began offering delivery service with the advent of the car culture in the 1950s, but Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan is generally credited with establishing pizza delivery as a profitable enterprise. In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Tom Monaghan said that in the late '60s, "delivery at the time was pretty minimal, so I decided to focus on that, and it was the best thing I've done. Nobody thought you could make money on delivery. Most places just delivered to get some volume before they could afford to cut out the delivery. But I thought I could do it." He did it -- Domino's now has over 7,000 locations and generates $4 billion in annual sales. He picked the right country to start his business -- Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day, or 350 slices per second. The average American ingests 23 pounds of the stuff a year.

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What is the name of the owner of KFC?

kfc dont have an owner, they have ceo's because kfc is an international franchisse each market have a parent company. for example in puerto rico and the rest of the caribbean, kfc is owned by caribla. and so goes on in usa, europe...


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