Manners and Etiquette

The rules of social conduct, and procedures for interaction in polite society and official life. This is grease that makes the wheels of human congress turn smoothly. From the formal addressing of an envelope, to where to seat people at a dinner party, from the correct way to answer a business phone to the intricacies of wedding planning, we will try to find answers to all of your quandaries and do so in the most mannerly fashion possible.

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Manners and Etiquette

Is it rude to order delivery food when the weather is bad?

I don't think ordering delivery is rude when the weather is bad. The thing to keep in mind is that most delivery drivers use their own car and the chance of getting into an accident when the roads are icy are a lot higher. You should tip double what you would normally tip (in my case I go from $5 to $10). Expect for the delivery to take a lot longer too. I was delivering pizzas during a huge snow storm one year and I was the only driver with an all wheel drive vehicle. I made so much money that season. Domino's doubles the mileage fee they give their drivers so between that and the increase in tips I made I walked with around $300 on a 10 hour shift which is way above an average shift. That being said I did nearly wreck my car a couple of times sliding on ice and I slipped and fell on another occasion. If any of those incidents would have been worse the $300 dollars would not have been worth it.

Manners and Etiquette

Why do people take their hats off when they go inside?

Because for a long time at has been the polite thing to do. i also think they take their hats off for bad luck

Manners and Etiquette

When can manners can be snobbish?

When they aren't appropriate to the environment.

2nd Answerer- It is not the etiquette, nor the manners, that are appearing snobbish, it is the misuse of them by people that gives the appearance of snobbery.

When people use what they think are good manners as a way of separating themselves from others, it is called "acting pretentious". It is attempting to impress others by "affecting" greater importance, knowledge, culture, etc..., than the others around them. This however backfires, as the people acting this way make themselves appear to be snobbish, or self-absorbed. These people look ridiculous to anyone that actually understands that the root basis of manners, is simply to show self-respect, while showing respect for all others around them and the social situation that he or she is in. They are the same people who usually have "arrogance" and "class" confused.

Acting as if one is better than someone else is simply arrogant. It does not show that one has class. Showing class is treating others with respect, the same way that you would most like to be treated.

Manners and Etiquette

Do you prefer to sleep with your socks on or off?

Off, always off. I don't think I could fall asleep with them on.

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What does RSVP mean?

R.S.V.P. stands for the French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which literally translates to "respond if you please," or more simply, "please respond."

The phrase is used in the sense of an invitation: the sender is asking for a reply indicating whether or not the invitee accepts the invitation, so the host or hostess knows how many guests to expect.

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How do you address husband and wife co-pastors?

  • The address should read: Reverends (or Pastors) John and Jane Doe.
Manners and Etiquette

Why do ladies always go first?

First of all girls are so much more intelligent and Sweet. We don't try to hurt anyone we try to bring people up. Girls are much more sweeter than guys:)


In some countries the ladies go first when walking down a road as the landmines and IEDs may still be present. However in general this custom is a hold over from openly sexist Victorian and earlier "manners" where women were viewed as weaker than men and had to be given special care and concern to help them through life.

Manners and Etiquette
Business Etiquette

Which greeting phrase should a CEO use in his email newsletter to address all employees?

  • A CEO can use a greeting phrase such as 'To All Staff Members' or 'To All Employees.'
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Manners and Etiquette

What are the advantages of courtesy?

Well, as it says in the bible, treat others as you wish to be treated, and also, if you're nice, they'll give you something in return sometimes, like, once, I was at the grocery store, and I was nice to the cashier, and he gave me a few free coupons.

It's better to be remembered for being nice. Professionally this is extremely important as you never know who you might run in to again, and being courteous will definitely serve you better. People will be more disposed to interact with you and cooperate.

Manners and Etiquette

What is proper funeral etiquette?

Some basic rules for funeral etiquette:

  1. Most important is to show up, it shows you care.
  2. Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party.
  3. Proper demeanor. Again, this isn't a party. Voice low, don't monopolize the bereaved.
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How do you address an envelope to 2 doctors?

To address an envelope to two or more doctors, you'd write:

Doctors [Smith] and [Jones] or

Doctors [Smith, Jones] and [Brown],

and so on.

You could also abbreviate 'Doctors' and write:

Drs. [Smith and Jones],

Beginning a letter to two or more doctors, you'd start with:

Dear Doctor [Smith] and Doctor [Jones], and so on.

It's really a matter of personal preference, theirs and yours. If you want to be sure of getting it right the best thing to do is ring their office and ask a staff member how they prefer to be addressed on envelopes and in letters. Some people don't care how they're addressed, but some do, and some set great store by it, so it's always good manners to be correct.

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How do we reply to the statement Thanks a lot?

Don't overthink it!

Responses such as "you're welcome", "no problem", "of course", "no worries", "anytime" or even just a smiley face works great. Some of these are more formal of course, but it's up to you to decide when to use them.

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What is the meaning of 'You are grounded' when someone does something wrong?

"You are grounded" is a fairly common punishment for kids. It refers to being unable to leave the house except to go to school or family activities. No going to parties, sporting events and the like. In some places it also means no telephone calls. The intent is to restrict social interaction, which may have been the cause of the grounding in the first place. In today's society it is less effective due to cell phones and internet access.

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How much do you tip a nanny?

A nanny should be paid a wage and not 'tipped'.

Oh, really? So you should tip someone who moves your car from one side of the garage to another, and tip them fairly nicely in fact.

BUT, the person who cares for, teaches, cleans up, dresses, feeds and nurtures your child should not receive anything other than a wage?

What mixed-up values we have, eh?

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How much money should a godfather of the groom give as a wedding gift?

As always , let your ability to give and your feelings for the receipient be your guide. As a Godfather, your primary care is for this young man's Faith life .

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Manners and Etiquette

How much should you tip baggage handlers?

  • If you have little baggage then two to three dollars is fair. If you have several bags of luggage then five to ten dollars (depending if you are a generous tipper) is fair.
  • Domestic flights: passenger holding first-class tickets, one can carry two pieces of luggage, holding business and economy class ticket passengers, one can carry a luggage. Each piece of luggage volume not more than 20 "x 40 x 55 centimeters. The above two total weight more than 5 kg are not.
  • The international flight: usually, each piece of luggage volume not more than 20 "x 40 x 55 centimeters, hand luggage no more than 7 kg total weight. (but airlines has special weight restrictions on the ticket, please pay attention passengers tips, or the airline consulting)
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How do you correct a girl?

Gentle persuasion /motivation can compel a girl to attempt to remedy one of her flaws, but beyond that, there is nothing you can do. Either dump the girl or embrace her flaws!

Another Answer:

The one above is true. You can try to kindly show her about her flaw (but sandwich that kind pointer between two compliments on her strengths. Smother it if you have to) but remember, we cannot change anyone. We can calmly reason, instruct and reveal but we can't make them change. If you find that whatever she is doing is something you can't agree with and she won't change, then move on. No reason to ever force a relationship to work (unless you already said "I do").

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Is 'crap' a swear word?

"Crap" is not technically a cuss word, but a synonym for excrement. However, in the context which it is most used, "crap" is indeed a swear word - at least in the sense that if you're using it as a swear word, then it is one. It's up to you to decide whether it's a serious enough word to avoid using, or if it's just another four letter word that has no more meaning than any other. Your decision =)

This is my answer No. crap is not a swear word !!!!

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What is essential to successful communication?

The ability to truly listen to what the other person is saying is the primary necessary factor needed in real communication. There is a big difference between hearing someone and actually listening to what they are saying. And with true listening comes the ability to sympathize or empathize, to respond appropriately and constructively, to understand and comprehend, to share and acknowledge and to eliminate any possibility of a misunderstanding of what the other person is attempting to say. Effective communication also requires that one responds to what is being said and asks pertinent questions if needed and lets the other person know that what they are saying is being taken seriously and is important. Effective communication also requires honesty and openness if it is going to be real and true. Successful communication takes patience. It takes being direct and forthright without anger, belittlement, judgment or condescension. Successful communication at times can be difficult if not impossible. But if all parties involved take the time to truly listen to each other then at least there is the possibility for a successful outcome. There are seminars and classes and books and videos by the hundreds on the topic of

successful communication. It is a skill learned and practiced. Most people communicate very poorly which leaves room for much error, many mistakes and embarrassing misunderstandings. Successful communication makes ones life

a little easier.

I hope that I have communicated my answer to your question in a successful manner.

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How much do you tip a shampoo person?

****I think it varies from person to person. I feel that 10% of what you are paying for to be done to your hair is perfect. If you feel that the assistant should receive more than 10%, that would always be OK, but less may make them feel as though they did not do their job as well as they could have. People in a profession such as this LIVE on these tips, they do not get paid much otherwise!****

personally I used to tip my old shampoo girl,but since I started going to a new place the girla lways gets soap in my ears and doesn't do I great job so i don't tip her. I think between 2-5 dollars depending on the hair salon is more than enough.

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What to write on outside envelope of baby shower card?

Ladies only shower:

Write the name of the mother-to-be.

Couples shower:

Write the names of both the mother-to-be and the father-to-be.

Alternatives for either type of baby shower:

Write "for baby" or write the baby's name (if you know it, and know how the parents-to-be plan to spell it.)

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Why you should not enter the laboratory without your teacher's permission?

Health and safety.

The school could be taken to court if you injured yourself by one of the chemicals or bacteria in the lab

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Should you have baby shower at your own house?

  • Yes it is a good idea to have a baby shower at your own house. You could have a girlfriend help you decorate for the baby shower and then plan on what time you want the shower and prepare a menu for the guests. Generally the beverages are wine; non alcoholic punch; coffee and tea with the a vegetable; fruit and cheese platter and for dessert a cake for the baby shower and a few cookies.


A baby shower can be given in a number of places. Sometimes, due to the size of a house, it is best to have it in a larger public building, such as a church fellowship hall.

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Are baby showers only for girls?

Not in today's society! Baby showers are now for both parents-to-be and should be attended by friends and family of both.

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How do you address former ambassador and his wife?

You may address a former ambassador in person with his honorific as long as you make sure no one is misled. His wife has never held a title in her own right, and remains simply Mrs.In writing, Mr only, or whatever his customary title is.In introductions, " May I introduce you to His excellency Mr. John Bolton, our[ or specify which country] former Ambassador to [name country] and his wife, Mrs{ First name if known} Bolton.


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