Valentine's Day Gift Giving

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What should you get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

Guys love gifts just as much as girls do! Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love. The great thing is that there are no rules, so you can do what feels right for you and your relationship. In Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, it is traditional for girls to give guys chocolate on Valentine's Day, instead of the other way around like it is in the United States.

If your guy isn't a fan of chocolate or candy, there are many different gifts you can give, from the quirky to the traditional.

Go traditional

If you are in a fairly new relationship, a traditional gift may be the best way to go. In addition to candy, stuffed animals, cologne, and plants are always popular choices for guys.

Do something personal

Don't get a generic gift. No matter what you choose, go for something with a more personal touch. Look at your guy's hobbies. Is he into music? Look into a new guitar case or a new set of drumsticks. Or maybe some memorabilia from his favorite band.

Spare the cost

You don't have to spend tons of money on an extravagant gift to show your man how much you love him. A gift that is simple and from the heart can be more touching than something expensive. Bake him his favorite cookies, or try your hand at making some yummy chocolate-dipped strawberries. Write him a special love poem or a song. You can always make him a fun coupon book for things like a hug or a foot massage. Be creative!

Be different!

You can celebrate Valentine's Day without getting a gift at all. You could get your boyfriend tickets to a movie he wants to see, or tickets to a concert or sporting event. Cook him a special dinner with his favorite dishes. Make him a mix CD with songs that have special meaning for the two of you. Take him miniature golfing or go-cart riding.

Remember, guys are usually more open to telling girls what they want or what they would like to do. If you are completely at a loss, don't be afraid to ask your guy his opinion!

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What to say to your boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

u can say

" i wan u to be happy 4ever...i know u ll be happy if 'm not wit u....

but i really loved u and can nevr 4get ur love an days spent with u...

don think tat 'm disturbing u nw... jus wanna

Wish u a happy Valentine's day dear...!!

take care!! "

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What are some things to buy boys for Valentine's Day?

Don't get him anything too girly; just get him something that he would normally enjoy for his birthday like something with his favorite sports team on it.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What are the seven days before Valentine's Day?

In India, the seven days before Valentine's Day are:

  • February 7th: Rose Day
  • Febraury 8th: Propose Day
  • February 9th: Chocolate Day
  • February 10th: Teddy Day
  • February 11th: Promise Day
  • February 12th: Kiss Day
  • February 13th: Hug Day
  • February 14th: Valentine's Day


  • Day 1: February 1st: Bring her a gift that seems ridiculous. Something inexpensive and mundane. Like a grapefruit. It's important that you give her somethingbecause mainstream media begins pushing Valentine's the hardest today. Simply hand her the grapefruit and tell her you're glad she's around. She'll be a little confused. this is good.
  • Day 2: February 3rd: Send her the first half of a note. Make it short. Stop writing in the middle of a sentence. A pleasant note about regular things is fine. Just don't pick a mundane sentence to end with. She'll be wondering what's gotten into you at this point.
  • Day 3: February 5th: Assuming you've not told her what's in the final half of your note, send it to her. By "send" I mean that you need to make sure it's in her possession. You don't have to mail it. Draw a stick figure at the bottom of your note holding a flower and caption it "Stick people don't get to give real flowers so you'll have to draw a vase to put this one in." The more unlike you this part is, the better. We're trying to create some suspense, hot shot. Trust me and play by the rules.
  • Day 4: February 7th: Ask one of her friends to tell her that you said she's fantastic and are really glad to have her in your life. Make sure the friend doesn't let on that you've communicated. The idea is for her to get the message from multiple sources without putting everything together and hunting you down for an explanation. If she asks questions, just tell her you're trying something you read on some website. You don't remember what website it was.
  • Day 5: February 9th: Start looking at recipes. You'll be cooking dinner. If you can't think of anything to cook, check out some web resources and pick something that looks good. A good practice is to avoid anything that seems at all French. Try it ahead of time. Keep it simple. Don't make more than three dishes. Washing more than three burnt-on pans is depressing.
  • Let her know that you'd like to stay in for Valentine's Day and that you don't want to answer questions. This may be the only time she'll actually leave you alone about something. Enjoy it. Anticipation is a good thing.
  • Day 6: February 11th: Give her a real flower. If you're dying to spend some money, have it delivered. Make sure you attach a note that says you bought a dozen flowers but you're waiting for your bail-out funding before taking delivery of the other 11 flowers. This is fun, it's cute, you win. Savvy?
  • Day 7: February 13th: This is a two-part assignment. First, tell her that she may do what she likes with you for 2 hours the following evening. Say from 7-9pm so she won't cop out by dragging you to bed. That's a great concept but you want this to be something she puts some creativity into as well. If she decides she just wants to watch "When Harry Met Sally" for a 5th time. Agree to do it. The fake orgasm scene is amusing, at least.
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What day of the week was February 14th 1987?

Sunday bye!

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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What do boys want for Valentine's Day?

  • Boys can range in what they like, want and appreciate - just like girls do! So keep your man's interests in mind when thinking of what to get him.

The following are suggestions from around the community:

  • You can make your own coupon book or get a basket and fill it up with candy and put a frame that has a picture of him and you in it.
  • You could give him tickets to something manly, like a concert, monster trucks, or a good movie in the theater.
  • Men love to eat, so you could get him a beef jerky or sausage/cheese pack from Hickory Farms. You could also get him a gift certificate to a restaurant or a store he likes to shop for clothes/sports stuff, etc.
  • Boys want to be able to take you out for a movie or something but not necessarily kisses... Not all boys want to kiss you, it depends on what the boy likes and if you have been just recently dating or have been dating. You cant really always tell. I have a boyfriend and we didn't do anything for valentines day but that doesn't mean you can't. We didn't do anything cause we just recently have been dating for 3 weeks before valentines day so we didn't want to move too fast.
  • Boys want passion - trust yourself and listen to what he wants. Take time to take interest in him you may not like the same things but make him feel special on that day, treat him like you would die for him.
  • Gift cards, especially a funny card. Or maybe plan a surprise date.
  • As you used the term "boy", I will assume you are younger. Most younger guys, as the first answer mentioned, would like to go to the movies. Typically, they don't really care as long as they are with you. Some guys think its required that they get something in return, if they think this way then dump them, they aren't worth it. You could go get some ice cream together, that's something fun and easy. You could also write him a meaningful card with some candy with it.
  • Since I am a younger boy, I would say that I would enjoy going to get some ice cream or going to the movies with a girl, and if the boy does want something in return, that's kind of picky, isn't it? Just some kind words or a card would do it for me. Just take me to a horror/funny movie and kiss me - that will make me happy.
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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Do girlfriend give boyfriend valentine gift?

From experience, it depends. Sometimes, getting a present and not giving one can become awkward. You don't need to get something really extravagant, just a simple, heart-felt card and/or a box of chocolates would do fine.

Valentine's Day Gift Giving

When did Saint Valentine die?

We do not know the date with certainty but some say he died on February 14.
He died about the year 270 A.D, possibly on February 14, the same day that had been devoted to love. Legend also says that St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who he had become friends with, and signed it "From Your Valentine".

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What are some cute Valentine's Day crafts to do with preschoolers?

Have them decorate some cookies with pink, red, and white frosting. I saw some kits for this at Target today. After you have decorated the cookies use the cookie cutters for stencils. Then you put them on cards if you want.

  • decorations
  • FOAMIES valentine kits (available @ craft stores)hot glue needed -let adult do that part)

or you can decorate tissue boxes for a valintine holder

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving
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Is it weird if you give your guy friend a Valentine's Day card?

as long as it says something cool or funny then no it is not weird

Valentine's Day Gift Giving
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What does one dozen red roses stand for?

that you'll love your valentine forever, and the one dozen (12) means that you never want to part.

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What should single people do for valentine's day?

give your mom or dad something, or just hang out.

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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Why do boys want for Valentine's Day?

Chocolate, a gift card from Game Stop, or perhaps some homemade cookies or brownies would be a good gift.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What people always do every Valentine's Day?

Since different people have different traditions, there is no one thing that all people do every valentine's day. Often people exchange cards, flowers, and gifts. Many couples go on a date that night, even if it's in the middle fo the week.

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What to say to your boyfriend for valentines day?

Text him a heart or smily face and say how much you love him and text xoxo a lot hugs and long slow kisses

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving
English to French

How do you spell happy valentines day in french?

"heureuse Saint-Valentin"

Valentine's Day Gift Giving
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What are good Valentine's Day gifts for teenage girls?

Girls LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry. I personally am old fashioned, so something like a cutesy heart necklace and a single rose is soooooooooo romantic. If she isn't old fashioned, maybe a necklace with the initial of your first name in rhinestones. If you are really rich, something nice like a silver, gold, or even diamond necklace or bracelet. If you aren't so rich, a teddy bear with chocolates and a rose is adorable. One of my friends gave me a sterling silver heart necklace, which was sweet. Another GREAT idea, if you are musical, is writing her a love song, or even a poem. That is a girl's romantic dream. !


Especially American girls.

Edit Servylia's Answer:

If she's the girly type, ask her what does she like. Buy or make her what she likes. If she's the tomboyish type, do the same, ask her. If she doesn't like anything then give her a kiss or a romantic card. Write a poem, song, haiku, etc. If you're the person short on money, then give her a kiss when you guys are out looking at the moon at night. I forgot to mention, give her, her favorite kind of chocolate. You can ask her to come to your house and have dinner.

CHELSEA: I'm the laid back type of girl that you see everyday at school. treat your woman to a Teddy bear and some chocolate that is the best... nd i guess a cute necklace is nice. Flowers is a bit old but that awesome. i would recommend a teddybears , chocolate nd jewelry a necklace the Best!


you could tell her that you love her ♥, just do it, it's the best present, trust me!
Girls want a nice date with there boyfirend. And they want to go see my Bloody Valentines !

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What does one red rose mean?

The person who gave it to you loves you a red rose symbolizes love

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving
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What are good Valentine's Day gifts for college students?

Gift Baskets would be my number one choice to send to a college student.

Valentine's Day Gift Baskets come with a variety of items - food, chocolates, bath and body items, flowers, Valentine's Day Teddy Bears, and flowers.

A Valentine's Day Gift Basket with food would probably be most welcome. Also, some pre-made gift baskets can have items added to them.

Plus, the basket can be used to hold other things - like towels or soaps - after the goodies have been eaten or used.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Where can you find some Valentine's day crafts for children online? valentine

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What is a clever gift for a 17 year old girl?

Here are a few ideas...

  • iTunes Voucher
  • Tokens for books, cds
  • Name a Star Gift Set
  • Fashionable Belt
  • A watch
  • Cinema Vouchers
  • A Trinket box
  • Digital Photo Frame Or USB 7 Color Crystal Christmas Tree
  • Get her a cute bag and fill it with things such as perfume, t shirt, wallet, cute socks, and more!
  • cute stuffed animal
  • 1 single rose
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What do you get boys for Valentine's Day?

It depends on if he's your boyfriend, guy friend, or something else. For a boyfriend, if you love him, get him a teddy bear or something else to show your love. If he's a guy friend, you can get him a funny card or something that has to do with a hobby he has.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Why do you use roses for Valentine's Day?

Roses are romantic! But if you trully like someone, give them red tulips. They represent undying love.

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What should singles do for Valentine's Day?

Being single on Valentine's Day does not mean you have to sit sadly at home alone, binge on chocolate, and watch sappy movies. Get out and have a good time!

Make it a mission to hand out a card or small token to everyone that makes your day a little better throughout the year. Your coworkers, the girl at the coffee shop, that guy in the lobby that always says hello... It is a good way to get some smiles, and that can brighten the day.

Throw a party. If you have some single friends, they may be trying to figure out how to spend their day as well. Team up with a friend and get everyone together. Everyone can play some games, listen to some music, and have a couple of drinks. It doesn't even have to be Valentine's themed.

Spread some love with the little people that love you. Go pick up your nieces, nephews, or close friend's kids for an evening on the town. Make them your Valentine's "date." You can make them feel incredibly special, and give their mom and dad a night alone. You can even pick them up with flowers and candy. Don't forget the older people in your life as well. It may have been years since grandma had someone think of her on Valentine's Day. She may really appreciate the evening out. Use the day to let someone that may be overlooked know that they are valued.

Take your best single friend, and go do something. Depending on your interest, pedicures, batting cages, go carts, or hitting the movies could be a good way to pass a few hours.

If you really don't feel like being around anyone, go get yourself a treat. Take yourself to dinner, and then splurge on something that you normally wouldn't. Don't break the bank, but pick up a small treat that you would usually put off. High heels, iPods, and sports gear are all nice extras.

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Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Card or gift given on valentines day?

Both!Whynot?I would give a gift and a card on Valentine's Day!Either one is fine!


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