Norse Mythology

Rooted in Proto-Norse Nordic prehistory, Norse mythology dates back to the 11th to 18th centuries. It flourished during the Christianization of Scandinavia in the High Middle Ages though some aspects of it survive in modern times.

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Norse Mythology

Where did Norse hel live?

in carrollton gergia

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Norse Mythology

Who is Odin's wife?

Frigga, (also called Frigg or Fricka) is the wife of Odin (also called Woden, Wotan, and Odhinn).

Frigga is the Norse "Mother of All." She is the protector of children and families, and is usually pictured with the sacred distaff of life. A distaff is a single, hand-held spindle used to spin wool into yarn. Frigga is also said to know the futures of all, but refuses to tell it.

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What year was god born?

God has always been! God made all everywhere! With God comes Love to all that do Beleive in God!

As of 2007 Atheism has all been tested by Order and all that the Atheists had used were discovered to be Fakes! Many states even passed laws that make Atheism illegal to be taught in public schools!

Norse Mythology

What is an asgard resident?


Norse Mythology

Does Loki Norse God have a weakness?

Yea! He's cocky XD and with this cockyness he's always getting caught. Although despite that he's still my fav Norse god. ^_^ That's about all I can say there. I tried to look it up for ya but Loki doesnt seem to have a particular weakness.

Norse Mythology

Does Thor have a daughter?

Thrud, a goddess of strength and power

Norse Mythology

What is Thor famous for?

Thor was/is famous for many things, most people know him for being the Norse God of Thunder.

Norse Mythology

Who was the blind Norse god of who shot balder?

Balder was killed by his blind brother Hod. Hod was tricked into the fatal act by the evil trickster Loki.

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Who are odin's parents?

Bor son of Buri and the mountain giant bestla

Norse Mythology

Group of gods ruled by Odin?

The Æsir.

Norse Mythology

Why is Norse mythology important?

Many modern day things take names or ideas from Norse mythology.

some of the more know are the days of the week

Friday - Freya's day

Thursday-Thor's day

Santa clause was an image of Odin.

there is a lot taken from those myths. read them and find out

Norse Mythology

What was different about Odin's horse?

Odin's horse Sleipnir is special in that it had eight legs.

It is possible that "the horse with eight legs" is a kenning for a funeral bier being carried by four pallbearers.

Norse Mythology

Where did the valkyrie's live?

The Valkyries or 'Choosers of the Slain' lived in Valhalla

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Who was called the Valkyrie of the piano?

Teresa carreno

Norse Mythology

How did Loki die?

Loki is not dead. He is bound with his son's entrails beneath a poisonous serpent. Venom from this serpent drips onto Loki, causing him excruciating pain, which creates earthquakes. Loki's wife, in an effort to ease her husband's pain, holds a bowl above him to catch the venom before it reaches him. This only works until the bowl is full, and then she must empty it. The venom falls on him while she is away.

It is said that Loki will eventually break free from his fetters and will get into a conflict with Odin, who will kill him.

Norse Mythology

Who plays thor in the film thor 2011?

Chris hemsworth plays thor in the film thor (2011)

Norse Mythology

Who won the aesir- vanir war?

The Vanir won. The Aesir ended up surrendering their monopoly on human worship by sharing it with the Vanir, making them equals.

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Who was Thor's Stepson?


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What does the old Norse word skith mean?

The closest I can get to it is skidi (imagine the upstroke of the 'd' curves back over the round bit and has a diagonal cross a bit like a lower case 't' - this letter in Old Norse is pronounced 'th').

It means sheath.

Norse Mythology

Who lives in the realm of Jotunheim?

The Giants.

Norse Mythology

What role does Loki play in Christianity?

Loki doesn't have a role in Christianity. Loki was/is the NORSE god of mischief.

Norse Mythology

What are the main differences in worship between Aesir and Vanir gods in Norse Mythology?

The Aesir were the main Norse gods, consisting of all the well known gods such as Thor and Odin. The Vanir were nature and fertility gods, and they were not as well respected in Norse mythology.

In the way of worship, the Norse people believed their gods were more like mighty beings deserving great respect than they were actual gods. In fact, the Norse believed that their gods could actually die! Due to this, neither the Aesir or the Vanir were actually worshiped, at least not they way most other cultures worshiped their gods, they were just respected, asked for guidance, and sometimes prayed to for help. Both of the races in the Norse Pantheon were treated the same way by the Norse people, although, as I said, the Aesir were slightly more respected.

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Does god take sides in a war?

Depends on what you believe in.

Norse Mythology

What was Thor's birth story?

Thor was born millions and millions of years ago, when he was young he started training when his father forced him to do after years of training when he was 16 he was promoted the mighty sword after that was when he fought of villains and when he was just 36 he made journey of having the sword end and ins ted of the sword he got the hammer he fought off courageous monsters and villains when Thor was 57 he died of having someone kill him from be hide the neck after that he was buried under a giving tree they call and after that they pronounced him the king of thunder and lightning.

Norse Mythology

Where was hawkeye in thor?

he was the one who had the bow and arrow pointed at thor in that one scene


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