Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated annually on February 14th. It is a celebration of romantic love and affection, during which couples often exchange gifts or share an intimate meal. Some popular Valentine's Day gifts include cards, candies, and flowers.

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Valentine's Day

What is the date of the Rose Day celebration?

Rose day is on February 7th.

Here are some more nontraditional February celebration days:

8 Feb Propose Day

9 Feb Chocolate Day

10 Feb Teddy Day

11 Feb Promise Day

12 Feb Kiss Day

13 Feb Hug Day


15 Feb Slap Day

16 Feb Kick Day

17 Feb Perfume Day

18 Feb Flirting Day

19 Feb Confession Day

20 Feb Missing Day

21 Feb Break Up

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Valentine's Day

How do you give a girl a gift on valentines day?

if you have school then keep it some where no one can get it finally @ lunch give it 2 da janitor and tell him/her to give it to the chic

Valentine's Day

What day of the week was February 14th 1962?

February 14, 1962 was a Wednesday.

Valentine's Day

Who discovered Valentine s Day?

Christian Martyrs

Valentine's Day

How many greeting cards are sold for valentine's day each year?

1 billion cards divided by 275 million people is about 4 cards for every person in the united states .

Valentine's Day

Are banks closed on Valentine's Day?

No. Banks are open on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day
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Was Valentine's Day created by greeting card companies?

On one hand, I’ll quell your fears: Greeting card companies didn’t create Valentine’s Day—they simply cashed in on an established holiday. But about those purer origins you seek…can’t really help you there, boss. The history of the holiday is a murky, bloodsoaked lake.

The concept of a passion-oriented tradition in mid-February dates back to ancient Rome with the Lupercalia festival. From Feb. 13–15, drunken (and potentially naked) Roman men would sacrifice goats and dogs, then take to the streets to whip women with strips of the sacrificial hides. This was supposed to increase their fertility. How romantic—err, at least Roman.

Meanwhile, Roman Emperor Claudius II executed two Christian men named Valentine on separate Feb. 14s in the third century. Legend has it that one of the men, before his beheading, wrote a note to a woman and signed it “from your Valentine.” There doesn’t appear to be much truth to that part of the story, but in the murky lake of legend, does it really matter?

In the late fifth century, Lupercalia was struck from the Roman calendar in an effort to eliminate pagan traditions. St. Valentine’s Day, however, was added to the calendar in 496 A.D. to honor the third-century martyrs. Perhaps in the absence of Lupercalia in mid-February, people began associating fertility, and eventually pure love, with Valentine’s Day. By the Middle Ages, Chaucer was romanticizing the holiday in his poems; Shakespeare followed suit a few hundred years later. Eventually, romantic Europeans were hand-making cards to give to their true loves on Feb. 14.

Then, yes, in the 19th and 20th centuries, greeting card companies made absolute boatloads of cash by making it incredibly easy for said romantics.

Valentine's Day

Where is Valentine's Day not celebrated?

Valentine's Day is not celebrated in primarily Muslim countries. There is Fatwa, or religious edict, against celebrating it. It is considered haram (sinful).

Valentine's Day

Why do we have Valentine's Day what's it's history?

Well you see, St Valentine was the patron St of Love, He was Beheaded on 14th of Febuary. This is to celebrate love, and in turn him.

Valentine's Day

What is slap day of Valentine's Day?

Slap a happy couple, its also hug a nerd day, and the day after is slap a nerd day.

Valentine's Day

What was the love story behind Valentine's Day?

St Valentine's Day was originally the Roman feast of Lupercalia, and was celebrated on 15 February. It started in the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, 14 February was a holiday to honour Juno, the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day, 15 February, began the Feast of Lupercalia. Although Valentine's Day itself was not originally associated with romantic love, there was some association with love within the ancient Roman feast from which it derived. One of the customs involved name drawing. On February 14, the eve of the festival of Lupercalia, Roman girls had their names written on slips of paper and placed into jars. The young men would each draw out a girl's name from the jar, and the couple would be partners during the festival. On occasion, the pairing of the children lasted a full year, and they would sometimes fall in love and later marry.

The feast of St Valentine was first declared by Pope Gelasius I to be on 14 February 496. It was declared in memory of the martyrdom of St Valentine, a priest at Rome in the days of Claudius II. St Valentine and Saint Marius helped Christian martyrs and secretly married couples, and for this act Valentine was apprehended, condemned and executed in 270 A.D.

Note that originally, Valentine's Day had nothing to do with celebrating romantic love. The first known recorded association of St Valentine's Day with romantic love was in the 14th century in England and France, where February 14 came to be recognised traditionally the day on which birds paired off to mate. This is probably due to the poem Parlement of Foules(1382) by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What are the seven days before Valentine's Day?

In India, the seven days before Valentine's Day are:

  • February 7th: Rose Day
  • Febraury 8th: Propose Day
  • February 9th: Chocolate Day
  • February 10th: Teddy Day
  • February 11th: Promise Day
  • February 12th: Kiss Day
  • February 13th: Hug Day
  • February 14th: Valentine's Day


  • Day 1: February 1st: Bring her a gift that seems ridiculous. Something inexpensive and mundane. Like a grapefruit. It's important that you give her somethingbecause mainstream media begins pushing Valentine's the hardest today. Simply hand her the grapefruit and tell her you're glad she's around. She'll be a little confused. this is good.
  • Day 2: February 3rd: Send her the first half of a note. Make it short. Stop writing in the middle of a sentence. A pleasant note about regular things is fine. Just don't pick a mundane sentence to end with. She'll be wondering what's gotten into you at this point.
  • Day 3: February 5th: Assuming you've not told her what's in the final half of your note, send it to her. By "send" I mean that you need to make sure it's in her possession. You don't have to mail it. Draw a stick figure at the bottom of your note holding a flower and caption it "Stick people don't get to give real flowers so you'll have to draw a vase to put this one in." The more unlike you this part is, the better. We're trying to create some suspense, hot shot. Trust me and play by the rules.
  • Day 4: February 7th: Ask one of her friends to tell her that you said she's fantastic and are really glad to have her in your life. Make sure the friend doesn't let on that you've communicated. The idea is for her to get the message from multiple sources without putting everything together and hunting you down for an explanation. If she asks questions, just tell her you're trying something you read on some website. You don't remember what website it was.
  • Day 5: February 9th: Start looking at recipes. You'll be cooking dinner. If you can't think of anything to cook, check out some web resources and pick something that looks good. A good practice is to avoid anything that seems at all French. Try it ahead of time. Keep it simple. Don't make more than three dishes. Washing more than three burnt-on pans is depressing.
  • Let her know that you'd like to stay in for Valentine's Day and that you don't want to answer questions. This may be the only time she'll actually leave you alone about something. Enjoy it. Anticipation is a good thing.
  • Day 6: February 11th: Give her a real flower. If you're dying to spend some money, have it delivered. Make sure you attach a note that says you bought a dozen flowers but you're waiting for your bail-out funding before taking delivery of the other 11 flowers. This is fun, it's cute, you win. Savvy?
  • Day 7: February 13th: This is a two-part assignment. First, tell her that she may do what she likes with you for 2 hours the following evening. Say from 7-9pm so she won't cop out by dragging you to bed. That's a great concept but you want this to be something she puts some creativity into as well. If she decides she just wants to watch "When Harry Met Sally" for a 5th time. Agree to do it. The fake orgasm scene is amusing, at least.
Valentine's Day
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When is purpose day celebrated?

8th January

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What day of the week was February 14th 1987?

Sunday bye!

Valentine's Day

What day of the week was Valentine's Day 1977?

14 February 1977 was a Monday.

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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Giving

What do boys want for Valentine's Day?

  • Boys can range in what they like, want and appreciate - just like girls do! So keep your man's interests in mind when thinking of what to get him.

The following are suggestions from around the community:

  • You can make your own coupon book or get a basket and fill it up with candy and put a frame that has a picture of him and you in it.
  • You could give him tickets to something manly, like a concert, monster trucks, or a good movie in the theater.
  • Men love to eat, so you could get him a beef jerky or sausage/cheese pack from Hickory Farms. You could also get him a gift certificate to a restaurant or a store he likes to shop for clothes/sports stuff, etc.
  • Boys want to be able to take you out for a movie or something but not necessarily kisses... Not all boys want to kiss you, it depends on what the boy likes and if you have been just recently dating or have been dating. You cant really always tell. I have a boyfriend and we didn't do anything for valentines day but that doesn't mean you can't. We didn't do anything cause we just recently have been dating for 3 weeks before valentines day so we didn't want to move too fast.
  • Boys want passion - trust yourself and listen to what he wants. Take time to take interest in him you may not like the same things but make him feel special on that day, treat him like you would die for him.
  • Gift cards, especially a funny card. Or maybe plan a surprise date.
  • As you used the term "boy", I will assume you are younger. Most younger guys, as the first answer mentioned, would like to go to the movies. Typically, they don't really care as long as they are with you. Some guys think its required that they get something in return, if they think this way then dump them, they aren't worth it. You could go get some ice cream together, that's something fun and easy. You could also write him a meaningful card with some candy with it.
  • Since I am a younger boy, I would say that I would enjoy going to get some ice cream or going to the movies with a girl, and if the boy does want something in return, that's kind of picky, isn't it? Just some kind words or a card would do it for me. Just take me to a horror/funny movie and kiss me - that will make me happy.
Valentine's Day

What does white mean on Valentine's Day?

I believe it resembles the purity in true love

Valentine's Day

What is a great Valentine's Day poem for your crush?

I just wrote this now if you want to use it.

I've come to realize this admiration isn't from my imagination. This poem is for you cause I'm too timid to speak, but I think you are cool and truly unique. I could have sent you chocolates and roses or just gone away, but this is how I truly feel. So I just want to be able to say, 'Yes! I wrote this poem just for you julia.'

So pardon me, but please don't decline this offer of mine that this Valentine's Day, you be mine."

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How do you say happy valentine's day in mandarin?

qing ren jie kuai le

Valentine's Day

What day of the week was Valentine's Day 2001?

Wednesday 14th February 2001.

Valentine's Day

Where was first Valentine's day card sent from?


Valentine's Day

What day did valentines day fall on in 1961?


Valentine's Day

What to write Valentine's Day card to grandparents?

Write that you miss them and hope to see them again soon. Tell them about a trip that you recently went on or something fun going on at school. They will really appreciate getting a card from you. Also, try to carry on a converstion through the card...keep the card smooth and make it flow while talking about a lot of stuff.

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Words in this word Remember your valentine?

alot of words around 203

Valentine's Day
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What are some quotes from Saint Valentine?

The only quote attributed to St. Valentine was a note he signed to the young daughter of his jailer shortly before he died. He signed it 'from your Valentine.'


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