Theater is a type of live performing art that includes genres such as drama, musical and comedy.

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What is a fill light in stage theater?

A fill light, in theatre or stage lighting, is just another name for a flood light. Flood lights generally consist of a bright halogen lamp, housed with an aluminum reflector hehind it, to reflect the unfocused, soft light against a backdrop or a wall. They are normally found suspended from a batten (in a theater) or from a truss beam (generally in a stage setup), or simply found placed on the floor, aiming up towards the subject. Gels can also be used to change the colour that is spilled by the wide-angle light, or 'luminaire' as refered to in theatre.

Theater has borrowed ideas from many fields. The term fill light comes from cinematography, where the system of lighting often uses a "key" or primary source of light on a subject, and a fill light for the set, background, shadow fill, etc. The contrast between key and fill in intensity and color, as well as the angle and intensity of the key light help set the mood.

In theater, the same lights are sometimes used for key and fill lights, but the relative intensity can be varied from scene to scene.

Theatrical designers often use a key/fill system in thinking about lighting a scene, but it is only one of the many possible systems.

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What is a pivotal scene?

a moment in which changes something that plays a big outcome in the end.

Like that moment near the middle or end of Act 2 in any film/play where plots are twisted, characters' motivations and secrets are revealed, leading to new realisations, different perspectives, and new plans. There's a whole section on film and plot techniques in this textbook 'Manipulate Your Marker' by Mitchell Grotte - I found it super helpful when trying to analyse and define pivotal scenes.

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What time period is the proscenium stage from?

The proscenium type theatre is surrounded by the proscenium arch, so is it's name, and it originated during the Italian Renaissance, in the 16th century (or 1500s)


What do you mean by audience empathy?

* Involvement and concern for the characters in a play

Ancient Greece

What time of day were tragedies performed in ancient Greece?

Considering that there were no electric lights or other ways to light a large stage or auditorium, all plays performed in ancient Greece were done in an outside theater during the day. Scenes meant to be performed at night where shown by several characters holding torches.


The tragedies were performed as a trilogy - three consecutive sequential plays, followed by a satyr play followed by a comedy, so it was an all-day event.

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What is the purpose of spider the dog in the woman in black?

* To create a suspenseful atmosphere without using traditional horror conventions.

* To guide the main character.

* To comfort the main character.

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What did Konstantin Stanislavski want his audience to feel?

Stanislavski wanted his audiences to feel deep, authentic emotions generated by the actors onstage, which is why he trained his actors to consider their own lives and to step into the skins of their characters in an effort to access those deeper, more complex, and more resonant emotions, which they could then pass on to an audience.

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Why do theatres and cinemas have thick curtains hanging along the walls?

The curtains provide attractive sound deadening so that it doesn't echo in the theater. Some theaters just use other sound absorbing methods but the curtains are something of a hold-over from the older theaters where plays and concerts were performed in the past and have a nice appearance.


What are the criteria for judging in readers theater?

1. clarity of voice

2. Fluency

3. Pronunciation and Enunciation

4. Presentation

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Why did the Greeks call their theatre theron?

They called it a Theatron because in Greek this means 'Viewing place'. Many things were viewed in the theatron besides plays...such as public meetings and other such spectacles.

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Who is Claude Kipnis?

Claude Kapnis from what i understand is a Mime artist, i have been researching him for my Performing Arts Homework but cannot find anything on him. :S

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What did sandman wear at the Apollo theater?

Earth boots


What is the longest running Broadway show?

The Phantom of the Opera.

It opened January 26th 1988 & is still running w/ well over twelve thousand performances.

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Why weren't women allowed to act in shakespeare's plays?

Women were never allowed to perform in Shakespeare's plays because at that time, women were underestimated. People always thought that men should do things because women were made to carry babies and be the house wife, this changed, however, over time.

Hope this helps... SS17 <3

Another PerspectiveWomen were respected and acting was considered to be a vulgar activity. Rather than being "underestimated", women were held in such high regard that acting would have been considered to be truly unbecoming of a woman.

Only the low classes ever considered any of the theatrical arts, and acting was beneath most of polite society.


The willing suspension of disbelief refers to what?

*Allowing the audience to attain a detached view and gain esthetic distance


A story that is written to be acted for an audience is?

A drama is a story that is written to be acted for an audience.

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Who went to watch the first nativity play?

It was the shepherds.


What are fake beards made from?

These beards can range from paper to fur, human hair, synthetic fiber or a mixture of both

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What is theatre and characteristics of theatre arts?

Theatre/Theatre Arts is drama or acting


What do you call a theatrical wall?

A theatrical wall is called a "flat". There are three primary types of flats. They are as follows:

Hollywood Flat - A flat where the framing is on edge, making it a wider and sturdier flat. Has a hard skin on it. Great for sturdy, fairly permanent walls - not advisable for flats that need to fly in or out.

Soft Broadway Flat - A flat where the framing is on face, making it a thinner, less sturdy flat. Has a fabric skin on it (usually muslin). Easily paintable and very light weight. Great for flats that fly in and out and do not need to hold weight.

Hard Broadway Flat - A flat where the framing is on face, but the skin is a thin plywood, rather than fabric. Still great for flats that fly in and out - can support a bit of weight if you need to dress it with props, etc.


What are the disadvantages of an end-on stage?

The advantages are that large number of people can watch and that it fits well the shape of many buildings. The actors can make their entrance from the wings enabling quick changes and suprise entrances.

However, the action is somewhat remote from the audience who can get more of the atmosphere and closer to the players in an arrangement such as a thrust stage or theatre in the round.

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How does theater help express ones creativity?

It doesn't

Yes it does. It allows you to express emotions you feel in an everyday life and helps you learn different feelings so they may be used again in another show or performance.

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Is UW-Milwaukee a good theatre school?

From what I have read, it seems like a great theatre program, but here's the website so you can check it out for yourself!


What do you call a female usher?



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