Can you substitute canola oil for vegetable oil?

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Yes canola oil is a type of cooking oil, there is a slight taste difference but your not likely to notice that in the final product.
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What is the best substitute for canola oil?

Canola oil is a vegetable oil, pressed from the seeds of the"canola plant" - an engineered variant of the rape plant, which wasgiven a trademarked and much more marketable nam

What oil can be substituted for canola oil?

Any cooking oils can be substituted for Canola Oil (Canada Oil). Canola is originally a substitute for motor oil then refined in later years for use as a food oil, substitutin

Can peanut oil be substituted for canola oil?

Most oils used for cooking are somewhat interchangeable. In most cases you could substitute canola oil for peanut oil. You could also use olive oil or grapeseed oil in some fo

Is canola oil a vegetable oil?

No, it is the oil extracted from the seed of a weed known as rape. Rapeseed oil was originally extracted for use as a motor oil. The oil was later processed to remove most of