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No, you're not out anything. In order to sue, you have to have provable damageds. They made a mistake, assuming you were current on your payments the whole time. It might have been inconvenient, but if we could all sue for being inconvenienced, the justice system would crash down on itself.

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What is the duration of Repossessed film?

The duration of Repossessed - film - is 1.33 hours.

If you bought a motorcyle with a down payment can it be returned within 48 hours?

On any contract purchase, you have 3 days to back out and get your money back.

What hours can a vehicle be repossessed in CT?


What is the duration of The Girl Who Returned?

The duration of The Girl Who Returned is 1.1 hours.

What hours can your car be repossessed?

24/7 around here. Pay your bills.

What is the duration of No Down Payment?

The duration of No Down Payment is 1.75 hours.

What is the duration of Payment on Demand?

The duration of Payment on Demand is 1.5 hours.

What hours can a vehicle be repossessed in ga?

any 24 - 7 as long as they find the car they can repo it.

If your car was repossessed paid for and retrieved within 24 hours and now everything that was in the car is missing what are your rights?

sue them

Can you return a used car in minnesota within 72 hours of purchase?

In Minnesota, a used car cannot be returned within 72 hours of purchase. Once the contract has been signed, the car cannot be returned anymore.

How long can it be expected to supply a current of 100mA if a cell supplies a load current of .5 amperes for a period of 20 hours?

100 hours.

How can I report a company to the labor board?

Where to I report not payment of hours I worked. Have report it to supervisor, still not pay for hours worked. what can be done with this?

What are the hours of reposession in Illinois?

A vehicle can be repossessed any time of the day, and generally any day of the week. Some banks limit certain holidays.

What do you do if your pays late?

Politely request payment. Get your hours in on time and ensure your supervisor does the same.

What is the meaning of day rate salary?

Day rate salary is the payment done to an employee by the employer for ones one day work. This depends on the amount of work one does in a day. If one does work for more number of hours a day then more the payment is and if one does work for less number of hours a day, less is the payment.

What is your store hours?

I work at Target, and my current store hours are 6:00-11:30.

How do you explain salary payment but given hourly rate against hours worked per week?

The formula would be, hours worked x dollars/hour = dollars. So for example, if you work for 30 hours, at the rate of $20/hour, that results in a payment of $600 (before deductions - there are withholding taxes, etc.).

How do they calculate your weekly payment?

Hours worked multiplied by rate per hour minus deductions.

How long after your car is repossessed can you get finacing for another vehicle without a large down payment or going to a buy here pay here place?

This question can not be answered in months, days and hours, it depends on several things. How much do you consider LARGE,ect. how well you do at rebuilding your credit rating, how well you know the loan officer. Could be 6 months or 6 years.

How long is it from Nebraska to Vermont hours?

1 day and 4 hours with current traffic (

What is the current time in Johanesburg Africa?

UTC + 2 hours

What is the current time in New York?

The current time in new york is 5 hours in front of the time in London

How do you get Private mail back on Howrse?

If you have been banned, it normally lasts 24 - 48 hours, then access is returned.

How many hours will it take to drive from Swift Current Saskatchewan to Calgary Alberta?

4 hours and 54 minutes

How long does a stop payment take?

Most banks can place a stop payment on accounts within 24 hours. They generally last a few months. You can check exact dates by contacting your bank.