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Yes, It gets even better than that though. My sister and her husband actually crashed into each other (her parking brake failed and her car rolled into his which then rolled into a building), they actually had to file claims on each other in order to collect the insurance money. Strange but true. Read over your policy carefully though to make sure that they don't have some specific clause in the contract, though I can't imagine that they would unless it was a really small time insurer, ok? TQ Ditto

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Q: Can you sue someone if both of you happen to have the same insurance company?
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If you have auto insurance get into an accident while driving someone elses vehicle will you be covered by your insurance?

You should immediately report the accident both to your own insurance company and to the vehicle owner's insurance company. Depending upon which state you are in, either one or both insurance companies is responsible.

If you have basic insurance someone is faulted by hitting your car what should be done?

You will need to make a report to both insurance companies. Even though you are not at fault your insurance company will still want to know. Unless the other party takes the blame right away and tells there insurance company that it was there fault then you do not need to tell your insurance. But I always recommend that you always talk to your insurance company about the accident.

Where can someone in the Toronto area find auto and home owners insurance?

Someone in the Toronto area can find auto and home owners insurance at Allstate Canada. This company deals with both of these insurances and several others.

What type of insurance does Universal Insurance Company sell?

Universal Insurance Company sells both personal and commercial automobile insurance policies. The company is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Where can someone get a quote for building insurance?

Someone can get a quote for building insurance from a number of insurance companies such as Allstate Insurance. Allstate Insurance provides a number of insurance products for both consumers and businesses.

My wife got into an accident in her car and insurance policy under both of us can the insurance company come after me for additional money if my insurance company does not cover all damage?

If the automobile policy contract is in both names (husband and wife) then the insurance company will look to both of you for compensation of any losses that are not covered under your own policy.

Where can I find vehicle insurance for my small company? and will both give you competing rates for insurance for your small company.

Is Willis Insurance a health or life insurance company?

The Willis Insurance Company I was able to find sells both health and life insurance to its customers, but you must be approved and not all people will the meet the standards and qualify for the approval process and get accepted for both types of insurance.

If both your primary and secondary insurance are the same will both policies pay?

If both policies are with the same company, and if you or your employer pays the premiums on them, then yes, they both pay. That is actually common; quite often the husband's insurance through his employer is through the same insurance company the wife's job has.

What kind of company is Citizen Insurance?

Citizen Insurance is a property insurance company. You can insure your building, your contents or both. They have a range of policy options that are flexible around your requirements.

Is Harleysville Insurance a good choice?

Harleysville is a respectable company, particularly now that it has agreed to a merger with Nationwide, another competitive insurance company. They have policies for both home insurance and auto insurance.

What is the relationship between the two insurance companies UNUM life insurance company of America and CIGNA insurance company?

According to my research they both sell Life Insurance. That is the only similarity that I could find.

Does secondary insurance cover or pay copays of primary insurance?

The secondary insurance cover both pays and co-pays of the primary insurance depending with the insurance company.

If someone is married can husband enroll his wife on his company's insurance plan and vice versa so both of them would have 2 insurance coverage?

Yes For more technical details visit

Can Non driver homeowners insurance be on a drivers auto insurance?

Homeowners insurance is separate from auto insurance. You may get a discount if you buy both from the same company.

Distinguish between double insurance and re-insurance?

Double insurance is when you have something insured by two companies like when a husband and wife both have medical insurance on each other. Reinsurance is when an insurance company will insure the customers of another insurance company when the claims exceed a certain dollar amount. It reduces the risk of catastrophic claims to the insurance company that buys the reinsurance policy from another company.

Which US companies offer life and health insurance?

Companies in the US which offer both health insurance and life insurance are the US Health and Life Insurnce Company, RBC Insurance, Claria Life and Health Insurance Company, among others.

Are there any benefits if both you and your wife have health insurance?

If both husband and wife are covered in health insurance policy, then they are entitled to a family discount the quantum of which vary from company to company and is deducted from the total premia amount.

Is direct line insurance for auto or home insurance?

If you are talking about the UK insurance company then they offer both auto and home insurance in addition to many other types of insurance such as pet and business insurance.

Which products does the Standard Life Insurance Company offer?

The Standard Life Insurance Company offers both temporary insurance and permanent insurance. Temporary insurance includes a term life policy. Permanent Insurance policies available are whole life, universal life, and endowment life.

Can an unmarried couple with children cancel auto insurance on the other?

Yes, they can cancel all insurance on each other that the other is paying for. This can only happen if the insurance policy was created with both people as either primary or secondary policy holders. A person cannot just call or contact an insurance company and cancel their insurance without being on the policy.

Is auto insurance necessary if you have motorcycle insurance?

This one is easy. If you have an automobile you need auto insurance. If you have a motorcycle you need motorcycle insurance. These are two different types of policies and one will not cover the other. Some insurance companies offer both types of policy so you can purchase both policies from the same company but if you own both you have to have both policies.

What are the main advantages of selective insurance?

Selective Insurance is a regional insurance company based in New Jersey. They provide both property and casualty insurance to customers in the United States.

Can i collect on both sides my insurance and the faulted drivers insurance i have a lien holder on my car a?

No, you can't. When you collect from your insurance company, they will pursue the other driver's insurance because the accident wasn't your fault. When your insurance company finds out that you collected from the other insurance company already, they will come after you. It's called double-dipping and it most likely wouldn't end well.

What online company has the lowest auto insurance rates?

Geico and Allstate both offer the lowest car insurance rrates.