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Yes it can be done. I'm in the process of doing so myself.

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2015-07-15 21:39:34
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Q: Can you sue the person you cosigned for?
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How can you sue the person you cosigned for?

if you are from 'merica

Can you sue some one if you cosigned a credit card for them and they did not pay?


What can I do about a student loan I cosigned for and they not paying?

Sue them, you have already taken pitty on them, so if they dont show signs of paying ( take your warning) sue them

How can you get out of cosigner even through you already cosigned?

Pay the loan off and then collect payments from the person you cosigned for.

Can a cosigner of an apartment sue the people he cosigned for after they were evicted and left him to pay unpaid rent and other fees?

Yep - sure can.

Someone cosigned a loan for me and I since lost my job can this person file suit for the entire loan or just what she cosigned for?

No, you would have to redo the loan.

Can a lien be put on my property if im a senior citizen without going to court 1st for cosigned car?

Unfortunately if you cosigned a loan that means you were willing to pay the loan if the other signer defaults and if that happen they will go by any means to collect that money that you "cosigned/said" you would cover if the other person defaults. I would go after that person that you cosigned for if it has gone this far.

What can be done to the person you cosigned for if they don't pay?

Very little, you will have to pay.

Do you have the right to take possession of a vehicle you cosigned when the person not making payments?


You cosigned a loan and your daughter has not paid the payment for 10 months Can you take her to small claims court to sue her for non payment?

If you made the payment, yes.

The person you cosigned for on a car loan passed away am I still responsible for the loan?


If a person cosigned for you and their name is on the title are you required to pay them back?

only if you owe them money

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