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Do not even try it unless.....Only if they are insuring you for something like personal injury protection anbd are not paying the claims. If the accident was your fault and your car is damaged they will not repair your vehicle.

You may sue anyone and anything....being successful is a different story. Do not waste your time or money. If you still want to try, get one of the lawyers who will do it on a contigency fee and you pay nothing unless they collect on your behalf. If they will not take the case, chances are you would not prevail.

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Are auto insurance companies in California responsible for working with the other party's insurance company to determine fault in an accident?

Usually your insurance company will make that determination. The only time I can think of one insurance company working with another company to determine fault is if stories are mixed, or circumstances (such as weather, pedestrians, noise, etc) are too complex to tell initially.

Which companies provide weather insurance in India?

Agriculture Insurance Company of India Ltd, is a leading weather insurance cover provider to farmers. ICICI Lombard Ltd. also has weather insurance in its rural insurance portfolio.

Can you report a car accident to the police three weeks after it happens?

You can always report it, weather they will fill your claim is dependent on a lot of things. Who was at fault, amount and type of damage, type of coverage, and insurance company. You should be sure if after a accident you choose not to inform your insurance company, as they require you to do so asap. Lot of things factor into this tho, no clear cut answer if you are wondering about coverage.

Whatever happened to jeanetta Jones of the weather channel?

She was injured in an auto accident several years ago and can no longer work

Is it a good idea to have senior citizens travel insurance?

It is a great idea to get travel insurance weather you are a senior or not. It provides you with the reassurance that even if you get injured, you won't have to pay.

Weather auto accident?

Yes you can be in a auto accident in bad weather..

What is the importance of commercial property insurance?

Commercial property insurance is important so that a company would not be at risk from fires, theft, and some weather damage. In the event of a disaster, the insurance company would cover any loss. The amount of coverage is between the insurance company and the insured.

How much is insurance for a Toyota MR2?

It depends on your driving record and insurance company. It also depends on weather or not you have the turbo model, and your state.

What is inclement weather insurance?

Insurance for inclement weather.

Did jeanetta Jones leave the weather channel?

She was injured in a car accident in 2006 and cannot return to work.

Will medical insurance cover treatment for teeth that are knocked out in an accident if you do not have dental insurance?

It probably depends upon the medical insurance company you are with and what coverage you have with them. I have never seen a medical insurance policy that does not cover teeth knocked out in an accident - even with no dental insurance. I once was reimbursed by Blue Cross for my son's retainer that was broken as part of an accidental injury - again with no dental insurance. It also depends on the accident. How bad is the injury to mouth... There are a lot of little things that play in. Weather you need stitches or not. Surgery? One has to read the find print to determine if it qualifies. If it's just for regular dental work ex: extractions, root canals then probably not.

Do you have to pay copay for emergency room visit?

Depends on your insurance weather or not you have it also the hospital itself. Best thing to do is call the hospital billing department or your insurance company to find out

Does insurance cover fence that's fallen down due to weather?

Yes and no. It all comes down to the individual insurance company. Some may include damage caused by weather on home and contents, while others may exclude such cover.

Recently your car taken by your close relative and in his hand car damaged for accident and you had no driving license can you get claim?

This would depend on your insurance coverage or weather you are willing to sue him.

If you hit a parked unregistered car can you sue their insurance?

Sure you can sue anyone for anything. The question is will you win. Let's get this straight. You hit a parked car, and you want to sue the owner of that car's insurance company. And your reason is that the car was not registered. Well if the car was not registered then how did they have insurance? What does the fact as to weather the car was registered or not have to do with the accident? You hit a parked car and that means you were at fault. But you go right ahead and sue. See where that gets you.

What does TV insurance protect?

TV insurance protects one's television in case of any damage caused by things like weather. If a hurricane were to damage one's TV, an insurance company would cover the replacement costs.

Does a miami auto accident lawyer handle more cases than attorneys who are in states that require auto insurance?

There are more law suits in part due to it being a densely populated state. Weather the defendant has insurance or not is not disclosed to the jury.

I bought an 03 van Geico sold me comprehensive insurance. which i thought was full coverage. i went into a diabetic comma while driving got into an accident. that's when Geico said i got the wrong ins?

Comprehensive coverage differs from collision coverage, although both are components of what is known as "full coverage". Comp covers damage done to your car not as a result of an accident, such as from a falling tree, weather, or "acts of God". You did not necessarily have the wrong insurance, but you did not have the insurance you needed for an accident.

What if i have an accident and don't have car rental insurance?

Depends on who's at fault in the accident. Rental car benifit is usuall a great deal on auto insurance policy. Average cost of Rental Car benifit on an Insurance policy is 20-30 every 6 months. This is for a avg car to get you from A-B. Rental cars costs are usually $30 for 30days so $900 for the month your car is in the shop. Always buy the coverage most valuable to you. If your car is your lively hood make sure you are covered. Answer: Accident with out rental car. If the accident was your fault then you will need to find a solution. Getr rides, borrow a car ect. If it was the other parties fault then ask their insurance company for a Rental car. After all their client has disabled your car and has caused you a burden. They will usually take care of you. They do use their discression on weather to afford this coverage and each carrier is different. Auto Insurance for California 888-581-2128

Will insurance pay for weather damage on a breaker box that is on the outside of the house?

The best advice anyone can give you is to ask your insurance company about your policy to find out if it covers accidental damage on a breaker box on the outside of your house caused by bad weather. There is no general answer possible because - let alone differences which exist between the insurance industries in different countries, and differences which exist between different insurance companies in the same country - every insurance company itself probably issues many different types of policy to cover damage and other losses to buildings.

What is a company that is affected by the weather?

Weather channel

If you only have liability insurance and hit a pole during a snow storm will the insurance company pay to fix your car?

NO. This is considered weather related and at-fault. Sorry. I'm a broker and I have to tell ppl all the time!

Why are weather forecasts important to insurance company?

Weather forecast is specially important in Crop Insurance, where a drought or flood can drain out huge fund from the Insurance Company's corpus.Getting in before hand, help them to set their strategy accordingly. In India, the Al Nino effect on Moonsoon, has already put the Insurers into great anxiety,apart from the farmers, or Agricultural Ministry.

Do you need liability insurance for a wedding reception?

Wedding Liability InsuranceYou can get a special event policy for under $300 depending on the size of your wedding and the budgeted cost. The best company I have worked with is Abacus Insurance. You can also get cancellation coverage. If the wedding is canceled due to weather etc, this ensures a refund of your deposits and some other coverage. FYI-during my insurance classes my teacher told me of a wedding he attended where a woman got drunk left the wedding and was in a car accident. She sued the parents who hosted the wedding and won a million dollars. Be careful! Frivolous lawsuits have become a big part of our society.Wedding Reception with Alcohol ServiceIn certain jurisdictions, such as in Canada, the law is quite clear. If a host allows a guest to drive away intoxicated, the host shares the criminal responsibility for the resulting accident, and can be charged with criminal negligence if anyone is injured or killed by the drunk driver. Dry weddings are now the norm here.

Does travel insurance cover natural disasters?

Travel insurance does include some certain natural disasters. One natural disaster that is covered by travel insurance is severe weather. This type of insurance also includes delays due to weather.