Can you sue your wifes boyfriend?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Certainly, you can sue almost anyone for almost anything. The trick is winning.

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Q: Can you sue your wifes boyfriend?
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What was bb kings wifes name?

sue carol hall

How do you get your wifes boyfriend out of the picture?

Personally you should get them both out of the picture. She must not be very good wife material if she has a boyfriend.

Does sue bird have boyfriend?


Can the husban be sue for his wifes depts?

depends on the debt and the state. In community property states it is possible but only after a judgement is there for the wifes debts and then it is part of the judgement enforcement, really depends on the details

Can your mom sue your boyfriend if you are 18?

In the US, anyone can sue anyone for anything at any time. The question is not whether you can sue, but whether you can win. In this case, it depends on whether or not the mother has a valid cause of action against the boyfriend.

Why does your boyfriend feel the need to stay in touch with his ex wifes family?

cus her moms hot

What states can you sue your boyfriend for Abandoment of Love?

Abandonment is grounds for divorce in any state. The status of boyfriend does not carry legal obligations, however, if you and your boyfriend have had one or more children together, then you can sue him for child support. You cannot sue anybody for failing to love you. We all have the right to our own emotions or lack thereof.

Sisters ex boyfriend is trying to sue her He lived with her in her home and they split up he thinks he can sue her?

He cant sue her unless they had kids then that's different STUPID???!!!

Can you get custody of your kids if your wifes boyfriend stays all night when kids are with her and you are not divorced?

Possibly. You'd have to test this in court.

Can your boyfriend sue for property he abandon 10 months ago?

not sure

Can you sue your ex boyfriend for for giving money?

it matters on what type of situation

Can your husband sue or sue you for having an affair if you are still legally married to him but separated already for 10 months now if he finds out you have a boyfriend?

Your husband can sue you and your boyfriend depending on your states laws. Also, if your husband finds out you are dating, a judge can grant him a divorce on the grounds of adultery.