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Chlorine levels should be between 1-5 ppm

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Q: Can you swim in a pool that has high free chlorine?
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Can you swim in pool hat has a normal chlorine level but the free chlorine level is high?

There is 3 measurements of chlorine in a pool or spa. Total chlorine, combined chlorine, and free available chlorine. Free available chlorine is the good chlorine that is active in the pool killings germs and algae. Combined chlorine is chlorine is basically chlorine that was once active but has killed germs or bacteria and is now inactive in the pool. Total chlorine is free available and combined chlorine added together. If your combined chlorine is higher than free available chlorine then the water needs to be shocked to eliminate the combined chlorine. But be careful here. If you don't reach what's called break point you will only add to the combined chlorine. There are products on the market which will only remove combined chlorine without effecting your free available chlorine if you are unsure about reaching breakpoint. Hope this helps.

Should you swim in high chlorine pools if you have phneumonia?

No it isn't good. You are having trouble breathing to begin with and the high level of chlorine in a pool is not good to breath.

What can you swim in if your allergic to chlorine?

The ocean, or an unchlorinated pool.

How quickly can you swim after adding chlorine to a pool?

You should not re-enter the pool until the chlorine level is 3ppm or less on your test strip, however long that takes. Chlorine is a known carcinogen and high chlorine levels are linked to many respiratory diseases.

If a pool smells like chlorine is it imbalanced?

This question can only be answered by testing the water. There are alot more parameters to water being balanced than just chlorine. I would rather swim in a pool that smelled like chlorine than not. At least you know there is some chlorine in the water.. THE ABOVE IS WRONG!!! If you smell "chlorine" you do not have enough free chlorine in the water. Chlorine in and of itself is odorless. The only time it smells is when it combines with organic compounds like skin cells, tanning lotions, etc. What you are smelling is "combine chlorine" which is incapable of sanitizing the water. You must therefore "shock" the pool with a high dose of chlorine or other substance to get rid of the combined chlorine and leave sufficient amounts of "free" chlorine available to disinfect the water. If a pool smells...don't swim in it until they add more chlorine!

Could Blaise Pascal Swim?

no he couldn't swim that's why he died he drack too much chlorine and passed out in the pool! no he couldn't swim that's why he died he drack too much chlorine and passed out in the pool!

Can you have a swimming pool without chlorine and or salt?

You can swim in a pool without chlorine or salt they just keep the pool clean. but if you do it can give you bad skin

Can you swim in a pool if the chlorine is low?

Yes; of course. However, the pool will not be as clean and sanitary as usual.

Can you swim in a chlorine pool with Adidas polyester wind pants?


Will it harm you if you swim in an indoor pool with the chlorine reading 8 ppm?


What would happen if chlorine was not invented?

We would not have a nice pool to Swim in

Is it possible that chlorine in a pool can make your head itch?

Yes it can. Not all peoples head itch when swimming in a chlorine pool. If it does you should wear a swim cap or try to keep your head out of the water or just don't swim.