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Can you switch out your ds lite for a dsi?

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Yes. If you go to your local GameStop and trade your ds lite in, they will give you $70 to put towards your dsi.

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The DS lite and DSi are completely different pieces of hardware. You would have to buy a DSi, you can not turn a DS lite into a DSi

Yes you can. You can also connect DSi to DS and DS Lite to DSi.

There is no such thing as "DSi Lite" but let me tell you this: at the moment of writing, ALL DS games fit in ALL DS's (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL)

No. Action Replay DS Lite only works on DS Lite. You will have to buy an Action Replay DSi for your DSi.

No. The DS range goes 'DS', 'DS lite', 'DSi', 'DSi XL', and then there 3DS.

Yes you can. You can also connect DS lite to DS and DS Lite to DSi.

Yes, its compatible with DSi, DSi XL, DS Lite, and original DS

No, the DSi uses a different charge to the DS lite.

Yes you can trade a DSi for a DS Lite at Gamestop.

No. The DSi and DSi XL does.

Yes, you can play DS lite games on the DSi as well as the DSi XL

dsi yes ds lite no the first ds no

yes defiantly check with a dsi and a ds lite

Yes, the Nintendo DS lite can play DSi games

Yes. DSi systems can communicate with DS and DS Lite systems in PictoChat or DS games.

No, the DSi charger is different than the DS lite charger

DSi console is different from DS lite in size. so some DSi accessory not fit ds lite. such as the DSi case, DSi battery, DSi screen film, touch pen, and so on. but some other DSi accessory can be used in DS lite console. such as r4 card, charger, usb cable, earphone, and so on.

Nintendo Dsi if you do not have alot of gba games because your prob trading in your ds lite if you have a gba or ds and ds lite i recommend dsi

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is different than the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL

No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is not the same as the Nintendo DSi charger

At Gamestop if you trade your DSi for a DSi XL you get $80 off the DSi purchase($189.99). If you trade your DS Lite for a DSi XL

a dsi can but not ds or lite

I believe the difference between the Dsi and the Ds Lite are that the Dsi has a web cam and can access the internet with wi-fi.