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I'm not sure

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Q: Can you take Advil before a blood draw?
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Can you take Robitussin and Advil together?

You can, but i wouldn't take more than one Advil with it. but i have taken them together before.

Can you take advil while taking high pressure medication?

According to the enclosure that comes with Advil, you should consult your physician before taking Advil if you have high blood pressure. Of course, you should always check with your physician, or your phamacist when adding a new medication into the mix.

Can you take Advil with Cymbalta?

can i take advil with cymbalta?

Can you take Advil the night before your wisdom teeth get taken out?

yes you can

Can you take Tylenol before a colonoscopy?

Yes Tylenol is ok but do NOT take aspirin, advil or any other pain medication. They thin the blood and can cause problems during the procedure.

Can you take coversyl and Advil?

can you take advil and tylenol with coversyl

Can you take advil around 4 days before a foot surgery?


Can you take Advil and gabapentin together?

can i take advil and gabepentin together

How long do you wait after taking aspirin before taking advil?

You can wait a couple hours after taking aspirin before you take Advil. You should only take pain relief every two hours at the maximum.

Can you take Tylenol with cozaar?

yes, I take the Tylenol with with cozaar 100mg, it lowers your blood pressure, doc told me okay. do not take advil, it raises your blood pressure!

Can i take Advil after novicane?

Yes, you can take some Advil after you have had Novocaine administered.

Can you take Advil with methadone?

Yes, I take it alot for headaches and Advil on to sleep.

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