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Hi. im not sure if you have already done the breast biopsy yet but it is it painless! they gave me local anesthesia on my breast (which i barely felt) and after that i could feel nothing. after a couple hours your breasts do start to hurt a little so take some Tylenol and after 3 days you can remove the bandages!

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Does and donts before thyroid biopsy and blood test?

Some does and don'ts before you undergo a thyroid fine needle biopsy and blood test are: do ask questions, don't go alone, do expect discomfort, don't expect quick results, and do take good care of yourself before and after the biopsy.

How much does a brain biopsy cost?

A brain biopsy costs a lot of money to have done. If you do not have health insurance, you should expect to pay from $50,000 to $150,000 or more.

What amount of bleeding should I expect after cone biopsy?

Just a small amount of bleeding for two to three days.

While breast feeding when do you expect period?

12 13 or 14

Can you have implants after your breast has been removed?

I think that breast reconstruction using existing body tissue is the preferred treatment but I expect implants are also an option

Do you have any idea of any Food that increases breast size?

If you are thin, eat much ..getting few pounds more will be distributed allover your body including breast and generally rubbing breasts helps much on the long term so make it as a daily exercise and expect good news within 6 months.

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How long does breast soreness and tenderness last can it stop 3-4 wks into pregnancy?

It could last your entire pregnancy, every person is different. I suggest getting the book "What to expect when expecting" they are really cheap online at places like

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Is it normal not to have my period since giving birth to my daughter three months ago?

Breast feeding is a natural inhibitor of fertility, so if you're breast feeding you will be highly unlikely to have periods. Non-breast feeding mothers could expect to return to a fairly normal menstrual cycle about 10 weeks after giving birth but this can vary.

How long breast implant last?

Breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime. Expect to have them changes at sometime in the future. Dont forget that as time goes by your breasts will age naturally. The implants maybe fine but you may want to have another cosmetic improvement anyway

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What to expect at 8 weeks?

Round about your 8 week in pregnancy you should start to see a change in your size of breast , maybe start craving different foods. The most common one though is morning sickness and breast tenderness . You will also start getting tired all the time , this is normal though. Your body is just working really hard producing things this early in pregnancy and adapting to the symptoms. Dont worry though if you have seen stuff on the internet about the things to expect at 8 weeks. Everybodys different , and experince different things throughout pregnancy. Hope this help's , Kimberley

How is a biopsy done on the thyroid?

Expect that your endocrinologist will need to do some prep work before the biopsy. This prep work can include asking you to lie down on your back while they use an ultrasound to find the growth. The endocrinologist will mark the area on your neck with a washable marker. These markings are used as a guide to help them remember where to place the needles. There will be the use of local anesthesia, as well as the use of the fine needles to extract the cells. Because of this, there will be a little bit of blood and some dull pain after the procedure. Your endocrinologist will place a bandage over the area where they performed the biopsy.

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Do breast implants hurt?

You should expect some discomfort after having a breast enlargement. This is worse during the first week to two weeks. You will need help around the house as you wont be able to lift anything heavy for up to six weeks. Expect some bruising and swelling to the breasts in the first couple of weeks. This is perfectly normal and will settle in time. Your Plastic Surgeon will provide adequate pain relief after your operation.