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The endocrine system is made up of glands which control and coordinate body functions and maintain homeostasis inside the body.

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Consentric action of a bicep curl?

... Is when you pull the bar/handlebar up, towards your body.
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How do you activate your spit glands?

You cannot voluntarily activate your spit glands. When you put food in your mouth, they automatically begin to produce saliva to aid in the digestion of food. Sometimes just thinking about eating food can allow them to produce saliva. ...
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What are the working conditions of an endocrinologist?

An endocrinologist often has to work long hours. Typically, they are "on call" requiring them to start work when they otherwise might be relaxing or having family time. The work environment requires you to regularly work with people that have gland, pancreas, and hormonal problems. ...
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What happens to biceps if you bend your arm?

The biceps muscle contracts (which is to say, gets shorter) when you bend your arm. It relaxes when you extend your arm. ...
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What is the function of gland cells?

They are sheets of cells [Epithelial tissue or epithelium] that covers the body surface or lines a body cavity. They form bounderies between different environments and nearly all substances received or given off by the body must pass through some sort of epithelium. ...
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Why do people go to the toilet everyday?

To get rid of waste .It is essential to eliminate feces from body .
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What hormone does the adrenal cortex produce?

adrenaline The adrenal cortex produces a battery of steroids (glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids - mainly hydrocortisone and aldosterone), but it doesn't produce adrenalin. Adrenalin is released by the adrenal medulla which occupies the interior of the adrenal gland ...
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What are the functions of the endocrine system?

The endocrine system is very similar to the nervous system except that it is much slower in reacting. The endocrine system and the nervous system function together to maintain homeostasis. ...
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How fast are hormonal responses?

Slower than nervous responses. Varies according to what hormone, for example the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) works almost instantaneously to initiate increased mental alertness among other things. Some hormones take longer to take effect but most take action relatively quickly seconds -> hour ...
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Can you drink coffee before a thyroid test?

If you are only being tested for thyroid function, and your doctor has not asked you to do otherwise, you do not need to fast. If you are undergoing a physical exam for your hyperthyroidism, it is allowed, although unwise to indulge in coffee before the exam, as caffeine can make your hyperthyroid symptoms seem much worse. This would potentially lead the physician to get an unclear impression of the impact of the dysfunction to your system. With an altered impression, it is...
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Thyroid supplements to lose weight side effects?

The thyroid requires specific nutritional support for optimal health and function, so a healthy diet is an important factor in thyroid health. Proper thyroid function requires adequate amounts of B-Vitamin Compounds, Zinc, Iodine, Copper, Manganese and Molybdenum. The amino acid L-tyrosine is also required for the production of neurotransmitters that are associated with normal hormone production. If you feel your diet may lack proper amounts of these vitamins, supplementation may be helpful. Thyroid Essentials natural supplement is a great alternative to any prescribed medications...
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Can thyroid problems be mistaken for ADHD?

According to Frank Barnhill, M.D., author of Mistaken for ADHD, thyroid and 50 other conditions can be mistaken for ADHD. An underactive thyroid or overactive thyroid can have symptoms like inattentiveness, poor memory or sleepiness, also symptoms of ADHD. ...
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What endocrine gland makes epinephrine?

That would be the medulla of the adrenal gland.
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Do you need to fast before a thyroid test?

The thyroid is a gland located in the neck. It's job is to take iodine from the blood and combine it with an amino acid (one of the building blocks of protein) to form thyroid hormones. One of the hormones, thyroxine, is responsible for your metabolism. Thyroid function tests help to determine if your thyroid is not working correctly: * hyperthyroid - an over-working thyroid * hypothyroid - poor thyroid function Abnormal thyroid function is common. It is seen in two to...
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What is the Cost of Thyroid Nuclear Medicine Scan?

it cost me $387 but i got half back from medicare.
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What would happen if the endocrine system failed?

Your body might not grow or mature properly.All body function would be deranged and death would occur . ...
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What is a heterogeneous thyroid nodule?

it means: nodule-a rounded lump or knot; heterogeneous means "composed of unlike parts. Therefore a rounded lump composed of dissimilar tissues on the thyroid (gland) located in the base of throat region. may or may not require medical attention. ...
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Can you exercise before thyroid blood test?

FT3,FT4 is responsible for your body's energy . I suspect if you're doing something that needs more energy, FT4 and consequently FT3 increases. But that should be very temporary. ...
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Do you get skinny on thyroid pills?

It all depends on your hormones. Some people lose weight when they get thyroids, while some people gain. My sister lost a lot of weight before she found out she had a hormone imbalance, but once she started taking medication she gained all of it back. ...
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What does the thyroid regulate?

thyroid gland regulates metabolisms of the body
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How do you reset your hypothalamus gland What protocal is required in the Weight LossCure book?

Kevin Trudeau claims that htis is the correct way (and easy, of course) to lose weight. This is what others say about it at the link below: ...
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Why does thirsty occur with diabetes mellitus?

The word diabetes means "to go right through" or "to release water". When you have diabetes you void alot of water, (pee alot). Thus, the chronic thirst. ...
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What does solid heterogeneous thyroid nodule mean?

It means that your nodule is solid, rather than fluid-filled. Heterogeneous means that it appears abnormal. You should follow up to get a thyroid scan/and or a biopsy to rule out cancer. ...