Lymphatic System

This category is for questions about the various vessels by which lymph, a watery fluid of leukocytes, circulates through the body, providing transportation for some materials and removing particulate from tissues.

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Lymphatic System

Is Non-hodgkin's lymphoma capitalized?

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Lymphatic System

What organ makes lymph?

No particular organ makes lymph. If you have a look at your blood circulatory system, you will see that it seems to be a closed loop: blood flows from your heart through your arteries to smaller arteries and then arterioles, into your practically microscopic capillary vessels. From there it flows into venules, small, then larger veins, and finally back into the heart. In other words, it looks much like a closed loop.

If you study the lymph vessels on the other hand, you find that it flows from the tissues into tiny, then larger lymph vessels till it joins the large subclavian veins and mixes into the bloodstream. In other words, unlike the bloodstream, the lymph vessels are not a closed circuit but seem to be a one-way system.

Actually, they are part of a larger closed circuit, which we only find in mammals and birds. Mammals and birds have a high pressure system of blood circulation which permits more efficient circulation and greater endurance; we can keep up a sprint or a marathon far longer than any reptile for example.

However, there is a penalty. The higher pressure means that part of the liquid, the plasma, of blood leaks out of the capillaries into the surrounding tissues. If nothing is done about this the tissues swell up (we call such swelling oedema and it can be a very nasty medical condition and a symptom of various diseases) and the blood loses its necessary volume. To prevent oedema, the lymph vessels absorb liquid from the tissues; we call such liquid "tissue fluid", and once it has entered the lymph vessel, we call it lymph. Afterwards, as I said, it enters our blood circulation system, thereby closing the lymph circuit as well, as part of the body's fluid circulation.

This circulation of fluid among our tissue cells is nearly as important as our blood circulation; we simply cannot function without it. It cycles a lot of substances that the blood cannot otherwise reach as such. What is more, some of our immune cells that grow from stem cells in our marrow and enter the bloodstream, sneak out between the cells of our capillary vessels into the tissues. There they look for and fight various kinds of germs and generally wind up and enter lymph vessels. On the way to the bloodstream they pass through organs such as the spleen and lymph nodes to pass on information about the germs that they found, if any. These cells we call lymphocytes.

So no particular organ makes lymph. Most of the lymph is tissue fluid that is collected to send it back to the bloodstream. Most of the rest is cells that came from the blood , but were made in the marrow.

Lymphatic System
Immune System

Is the thoracic duct part of the immune system?

The Thoracic duct (left lymphatic duct) is a part of the lymphatic system. It is the largest lymphatic vessel in the body.

Lymphatic System

Sore upper arm and little bit of burning armpit. working out or lymph nodes?

The burning sensation would suggest working out, lymph nodes is usually more of a pressure and tenderness than a burning. If the pain is severe and persists I would recommend seeing a doctor as you may have torn a muscle. If it is a lymph node you may be able to feel it with your hand or even see it. If that is the case, you may also want to see a doctor especially if you are feeling ill.

Lymphatic System

What is the system that transports nutrients and wastes and plays a role in the immune response?

The lymphatic system, which is part of the circulatory system, best describes the body system that transports nutrients and wastes and plays a role in the immune response. Lymphatic vessels absorb fats in the small intestine (nutrition) and carry cell debris. In addition, the lymphatic system is critical in the immune response.

Lymphatic System

What does high mono manual diff mean?

It means the machine has counted a high percentage of monocytes in the peripheral blood and has flagged the result so the tech will perform a manual differential count.

Lymphatic System
Immune System

Why is the immune system so complex?

Because it has a lot of very varied jobs to do, and many different pathogens to fight against.

Lymphatic System
Immune System

How does your immune system fight of pneumonia?

It slowly kill off the disease by targeting and creating blood cells that can kill the infected cells

Lymphatic System

What is the homeopathy treatment for lymphangitis?

Rhus Tox

Lymphatic System

What is indolent lymphoma?

Cancerous growths of lymphoid tissue that progress slowly to more aggressive forms of cancer.

Lymphatic System

How many lymph nodes in human body?

There are between 500 and 600 lymph nodes in the average adult human body.

(according to my anatomy and physiology text book)

Lymphatic System

What prevents backflow of lymph fluid?

One way pocket vales like in veins.

Lymphatic System

Which part of the lymph vascular system contains valves?

the lymph collectors

Lymphatic System
Immune System

What does the immune system do for the nervous system?

protects it from harm from either inside issues or outside problems

Wisdom Teeth and Oral Surgery
Lymphatic System

Can wisdom teeth cause enlarged lymph nodes or an enlarged spleen?

I had an enlarged spleen and enlarged lymph nodes and it turned out that I had Mono.

I don't think your "spleen" has anything to do with your wisdom teeth coming in. But, in uncommon cases, infection to your wisdom teeth can sometimes cause enlarged lymph nodes, but only if the teeth are "impacted". A dental impaction is where an unearthed tooth is growing in crooked underneath the gumline. This also causes other dental problems such as crooked teeth. If the lymph nodes your are referring to are painless and are swelling with other symptoms, then you might have a serious condition, which also means you need to see a doctor immediately. The swelling in the lymph nodes in your neck are the ones to swell if your teeth are infected from an impaction. Also, only the lower teeth can cause lymph node swelling in your neck. The nodes will be tender, moveable, and causing pain in any way.

Any kind of severe infection in your mouth, including a wisdom tooth infection, can cause your lymph nodes to become larger.

The spleen should not be directly affected though.

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Lymphatic System

Lymph drainage from collecting ducts enters what vein?

right and left subclavian veins

Conditions and Diseases
Lymphatic System

What causes the swelling of occipital lymph nodes?

Most commonly injury or infection but get checked out by your doctor soonest
One of the official definitions for the word occipital is "of, pertaining to, or situated near the occiput or the occipital bone."

Lymphatic System
Respiratory System
Immune System

How does the respiratory system interact with the endocrine system?

Both the endocrine and respiratory systems are dependent on each other. For example, there are certain hormones like adrenalin, which is released by the adrenal glands, which help to stimulate the respiratory activity. Also, some endocrine hormones have an effect on the dilation of the alveoli, or the respiratory passages. This can affect the amount of oxygen that the lungs absorb.

Lymphatic System
Immune System

Does stress weaken your immune system?

Yes, stress weakens the human immune system. But, meditation can help to improve the immunity through reducing stress.

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Lymphatic System

Should you worry about small painless pea-size lymph nodes in your neck or behind your ear?

if you can feel it then that means its enlarged (since u say its painless). NOTE: ONLY A CERTIFIED DOCTOR CAN PROVE WHAT IT MEANS! lymph nodes are a part of your body's immune system, enlargement means its fighting off an infection. give it 2 weeks before deciding to go to a doc. but its fairly up to you, if your worried. its nothing serious. also if u have any other symptoms mention it to ur doc.

Skin Cancer
Lymphatic System

How long does it take to determine whether a lymph node has cancer or not?

In my case, it took about a week. It was reviewed after the biopsy by my local hospital pathologist and then sent to Stanford Medical center for a confirmation. So it could take up to 10 days to be absolutely positive. Mine turned out to be Hodgkins Lymphoma. Good luck, Kristin

Lymphatic System
Immune System

What group of proteins mark foreign invaders and attract phagocytes to destroy them?


Lymphatic System

Why do doctors remove lymph nodes for cancer?

A surgeon usually removes nearby lymph nodes to prevent associated lymphatic vessels from transporting cancer cells to other sites (metastasis).

Lymphatic System
Immune System

Is the immune response triggered by antibodies?

No. Immune response is triggered by the antigen.

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Lymphatic System

What are the four major components of the lymphatic system?

The four major components are: Nodes(clumps of tissue populated by lymph cells), lymph (mucosal fluid), vessels (lymph vessels), and organs (main organ in the lymphatic system is the spleen).


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