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Q: Can you take Aleve and advil at the same time?
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Can you take advil and gravol at the same time?

hope so

Can you safely take Advil and cephalexin at the same time?


Can you take advil cold and sinus and Aleve at the same time?

aleve is for pain and advil cold and sinus is for well, colds and sinuses. i don't think it's a good idea to take both of these medications. i have taken advil cold and sinus and it works for my sinus pressure and pain, so i don't need any other medications. i think you should ask your doctor or pharmacist to make sure as I'm not a doctor. advil cold and sinus works so well on my husband, he keeps it in stock. he swears by it.

Can you take extra strength Advil and Rolaids or Tums at the same time?


Can you take zzzquil and Advil at the same time?

Zzzquil and Advil can be taken at the same time. Zzzquil's active ingredient is diphenhydramine which is an antihistamine that causes drowsiness. Advil is a pain reliever/fever reducer that contains Ibuprofen. Both of these medications are safe to take together.

Can you take ecstasy and Aleve at the same time?

If you take aleve and ecstasy you should be perfectly fine. just take small doses of the aleve!!! no more than two. A little pain reliever will never hurt anybody

Is it safe to take Aleve and wellbutrin at the same time?

I can say this about that . . . I am on daily wellbutrin, and my doctor advised me to take Aleve for a very sore Achilles tendon earlier this year. Take from that what you will . . .

Can you take aspirin and Advil at same time?

no becasue they do the same thing and it would be bad for u

Can I take Tylenol cold head congestion tablets with advil?

No, you don't want to take two pain relievers at the same time. Take either Tylenol or Advil.

What if you take 4 Advil pills at the same time?

Kicks in faster then if you take 2 also works the same as hospital grade

What happens when you take an Advil PM and a Vick's NyQuil at the same time?

You could possibly get an overdose

Can you take reactine and Advil at the same time?

I just took 1/4 of Reactine and 2 Advil Cold and Sinuses. I feel fine right now.

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