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You may never "take" Holy Communion in a Catholic Church. You MAYonlyreceive Holy Communion after you have been baptized, and in the Latin Rite, made your First Confession.

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Q: Can you take Communion in a Catholic church before being baptized?
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Do you have to be baptized to take communion?

Catholics do not 'take' communion, they 'receive' communion. Yes, you must be a baptized Catholic to receive communion in a Catholic Church. Also, you must have undergone instruction and received your First Holy Communion.

At what age can you drink wine in the Catholic Church?

Any baptized Catholic who has received his/her First Holy Communion can receive communion under both species.

Why can't unbaptized Catholics receive communion?

Until they are baptized, they are not Catholics. Only Catholics may receive communion in the Catholic Church.

Can a 10 year old receive his First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church if he was not baptized in the Catholic Church?

Of course, as long as he has received a valid baptism.

Can a Protestant who marries a Catholic man in a Catholic ceremony take Communion after their Marriage?

Only if you have converted to Catholicism, been catechized, baptized, and received First Holy Communion in a Catholic Church.

Are you Catholic if you are just baptized?

Baptism is the rite by which someone becomes a member of the Church. You are therefore Catholic when you are baptized, regardless or who baptizes or where it is performed.

Can c of e take communion at child's first communion?

Nobody can take Holy Communion in a Catholic Church, you may only receive Holy Communion from the priest, and then only if you have been baptized in the Catholic Church and previously made your first Confession and First Holy Communion. Bottom line? An Anglican may not take communion in a Catholic Church.

Can you receive the sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church if you are baptised in Anglican church?

The Catholic church only recognizes one baptism, therefore, if you were baptized protestant, you do not get baptized again if you convert to Catholicism. You will, however, have to go through classes before being able to receive your first communion. If you do this as an adult, you attend RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) and you will receive your communion and confirmation in the same mass.

Can a Greek orthodox confirm a child in a catholic church?

No. In order to be able to partake of the Holy Sacrament of Communion, you must be baptized and christmated(confirmed) in the Church in which you plan to receive the first communion. However, you are unable to be baptized in both churches, as the church in which the child has been baptized for the second baptism, becomes the Church in which they stand in and can only stay in that church, unless they convert to the other church, and lost the "right" to take communion in the church they converted form.

Is the Coptic Orthodox Church in communion with the Roman Catholic Church?

No, it is not in communion with the Catholic Church.

Can a Church of England person receive communion in a Catholic Church?

No, a Catholic should not receive communion in anything but a Catholic Church.

How can a child of a Lutheran and Catholic parent be baptised to make both parents happy?

A person can only be baptized once so baptizing in both churches would be redundant. Generally, when a non-Catholic marries a Catholic they are required to affirm that any children must be raised as Catholics before the Church will allow them to marry. Therefore, if they were married in a Catholic church the children should be baptized in a Catholic church. If the parents were not married in a Catholic church, then they have another problem. They need to regularize their marriage to be in full communion with the Catholic Church. They must arrange to have their marriage blessed by the Catholic Church.